Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured

Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured,

Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured: What is the Meaning of Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured?

  • Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured refers to A formal declaration that summarizes the flow of all production costs incurred during the billing cycle.

Literal Meanings of Statement Of Cost Of Goods Manufactured


Meanings of Statement:
  1. Specific or explicit expression of something when speaking or writing.

Sentences of Statement
  1. Do you agree with this observation?

Synonyms of Statement

communication, assertion, expression of views, expression of facts, announcement, utterance, affirmation, declaration


Meanings of Of:
  1. Shows association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

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Synonyms of Of

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Meanings of Cost:
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Meanings of Goods:
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Sentences of Goods
  1. Import of luxury goods

Synonyms of Goods

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Meanings of Manufactured:
  1. Extensively manufactured by machine.

  2. What (from evidence or history)