State Bank

State Bank,

What is State Bank?

  • State Bank means: A bank established under state law and authorized by the state to conduct banking business. Who manages my bank? For more information

Literal Meanings of State Bank


Meanings of State:
  1. The special condition of a person or thing at a particular time.

  2. A nation or region is considered an organized political party under the government.

  3. The civilian government of a country.

  4. Bombs and ceremonies associated with the monarchy or high government.

  5. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way.

  6. Provided by or influenced by the civilian government of a country.

  7. Used or performed in formal ceremonies where the ceremony involves the head of state.

  8. Express something clearly or unequivocally in words or in writing.

  9. Introduce a theme or melody.

Sentences of State
  1. The financial condition of the company

  2. Germany, Italy and other European countries

  3. Government-provided services

  4. Buried in the state

  5. Latitude plate, dry place, first state eight

  6. The future of public education

Synonyms of State

condition, shape, situation, circumstances, state of affairs, position, country, nation, land, sovereign state, nation state, kingdom, empire, republic, confederation, federation, body politic, commonwealth, power, world power, superpower, polity, domain


Meanings of Bank:
  1. With Disembark or by a river or lake.

  2. Slope of a substance, massive or hilly.

  3. Seats or rows of similar items, especially electric or electronic tools, are grouped into rows.

  4. Pool table cushions

  5. Accumulation (substance) in a mass or pile.

  6. Tilt or turn when turning (by plane or car).

  7. (From locomotive) (train) provides extra energy when going to the hills.

  8. (Billiards and other sports) Play (ball) so that it bounces on the surface like a table or pillow.

  9. Financial institutions spend the money saved by consumers, pay as needed, lend at interest and exchange currency.

  10. Bank deposit (cash or valuables)

Sentences of Bank
  1. Line up at Willow Banks

  2. Snow shore

  3. On each side of the console is a large collection of DJ lights and speakers

  4. Bankruptcy

  5. The rain has accumulated dirt behind the door

  6. The plane turned as if it were going back to the airport

Synonyms of Bank

edge, side, embankment, levee, border, verge, boundary, margin, rim, fringe, fringes, flank, brink, perimeter, circumference, extremity, periphery, limit, outer limit, limits, bound, bounds, slope, rise, incline, gradient, ramp