Starstruck Meaning

Starstruck Meaning

What does Santigold's song Starstar mean?

It could be someone who digs deep into a celebrity's lifestyle and destructive behavior. They can also be clothes hangers, people who said hangers will never come, but now they are holding them. You are a starster

There may be other musicians who seem to be moving away from him, even though he has no substance in his eyes. What have you got that I don't understand?

I saw you disappear ... maybe they disappeared from the picture, 5 minutes of your fame is gone. Dry

I think it certainly can.

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It has to do with the story of David and, of course, Samson and Delilah. Here is an excerpt from Leonard Cohen, who I think was responsible for writing the lyrics ... Haliliya is a Hebrew word and means the glory of God. The song explains that there are many types of solutions. I say: All the confectioners who are perfect and those who are corrupt are equal. As I said, the desire to have one's beliefs confirmed in life is not formal, formally religious, but with enthusiasm, with emotion ... It is a very happy song. I really like the last verse. I remember Bob Dylan itching after his last show in Paris. The next morning I had breakfast with him and we exchanged words. Dylan especially loved this last verse, and although this is all wrong, I am the master of the song that is nothing but halu luja on my lips.

Starstruck Meaning