Starbucks' Dress Code 2021

Starbucks’ Dress Code 2021 allows employees to wear green aprons if they are dressed in the appropriate colours. Black, grey, navy, brown, khaki, or white are also acceptable choices for the office’s dress code. Only the tops should be white. Accent colours on ties, scarf, tops, socks, etc shoes are permitted for employees. Employees at Starbucks are given a vest and a name tag as part of their uniform. Depending on your employment, you may be assigned a dress in black, grey, or navy blue.

:beginner: Starbucks’ Dress Code 2021

Over the years, the Starbucks dress has seen a number of alterations, but the colour palette has stayed consistent. For the most part, Starbucks adheres to a formal colour palette that includes colours like beige, brown, white, black, brown and blue.

Wearing aprons that have been thoroughly laundered is a requirement of the job. In order to highlight the Starbucks aprons and create an appropriate atmosphere for its patrons.

The clothing rules and dress code have been designed in this manner. Here’s everything you need to know about the Starbucks dress code.

:name_badge: Top

Customers see your apron and your name tag the most, therefore keeping your top in good condition is essential. When it comes to formal attire, nothing beats a solid colour.

Patterned clothing that isn’t overly bright or bold in design is also encouraged. V-neck, crewneck, nor boatneck tops should be worn; round-necked tops are discouraged. Always keep the neckline higher than the apron’s hem when cooking.

If you’re going to wear a button-down shirt with short, medium, or 3/4th sleeves, you’ll need to match the colour of your undershirt to the rest of your outfit. We want tops with a constant wash and prints that aren’t too bold but still have a little visual interest.

Polo shirts and mock necks are also acceptable attire. Denim tops and shirts complement the apron’s colour scheme and can be worn so long as they adhere to the previously stated patterns and styles.

You should not have sleeves that impede your work or compromise food safety. Dress in tops with sleeves which don’t extend past your wrists. Make sure the sleeves are rolled up neatly if they are too long.

Keep in mind Starbucks places a high value on neatness and cleanliness among its personnel. As a result, all tops must be well cleaned and trimmed, with no holes or tears. Not allowed are tops with large brand names or graphics that detract from the apron.

The armpits and shoulders of a shirt should be covered. The midriff should be covered by the clothing you choose. Avoid see-through clothing and make sure your underwear isn’t visible at all. Likewise, no hooded tops are permitted on the premises.

:trident: Bottoms

Other than white, you can use any colour from the Starbucks colour chart for your bottoms. If you’re going to wear printed bottoms, stick to plain hues. Bottoms include pants, pants, skirts, shorts, and jeans at Starbucks.

Darker washes of jeans are chosen over lighter ones when it comes to attire. Only under skirts or dresses can leggings be worn, though. Again, you must ensure that your clothing is free of rips and holes.

Damaged materials should be avoided at all costs. At least four inches above the knee is the minimum length for shorts and skirts. The bottoms of your pants should not drag here on the floor or obstruct your job.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable and well-attachment clothing. Shorter pants are better than longer ones. Undergarments are not supposed to be visible. It’s not acceptable to wear leather or patterned bottoms.

:sparkles: General Colour Palette

Employees are required to wear clothing in these colours:

Numbering Colors
1 Black
2 Brown
3 Gray
4 Khaki
5 White
6 Navy

:large_orange_diamond: Footwear

Shoes like these are acceptable:

  1. Their heel and toe are closed.

  2. An item made of leather, fake leather, velvet, rubber, or a similar substance that is waterproof.

  3. It is mandatory to wear socks or hosiery.

  4. Coiffure and facial features

:large_blue_diamond: Hair and face

  1. Beanie hats and other attached headgear, such as short-brimmed or baseball caps, can be worn in the workplace (Starbucks will provide a hat where required).

  2. Make sure your hair is pulled back out of your forehead (facial hair trimmed).

  3. Only one smaller-than-a-dime facial piercing is allowed.

  4. An earring or an ear gauge must not be larger than a quarter in diameter.

  5. Nothing offensive, profane, racist, or sexual is permitted on the body except for tattoos on the head or throat.


Employers can legally order males to have short hair but not women. Grooming standards for males and women may be different. As long as the burden falls disproportionately on men, there may well be the basis for a gender discrimination complaint.

:small_orange_diamond: Hairstyles Accepted at Starbucks

Because of the Starbucks dress code, the majority of prohibitions on hair colour have been lifted. Hair must be kept off of the face, and facial hair must be trimmed.

Workers at Starbucks are permitted to wear bright colours as long as they do not interfere with their ability to perform their duties. It’s up to you if you’d like to inquire about it. It’s always a good idea to double-check with your manager.

:diamonds: Keep Your Accessories to a Minimum

It’s fine for Starbucks to allow jewellery as long as it’s simple in design. An unadorned ring on your finger is appropriate; your arms and hands ought to be free of embellishments. Accessories for the arms are also prohibited.

A little studded nose piercing is permitted in addition to a total of 2 dainty earrings for each ear. No other body piercings should be on display. All jewellery must be worn under clothing, including simple necklaces.

Tie, bows, and scarves can be worn at Starbucks with formal clothing. Make sure they aren’t too bright or patterned in colour. The apron and name tag should not be obscured by such items, which can be worn under the apron.

Belts are permitted, as long as they’re not obtrusive to other people. Therefore long as the hats and beanies are solid colours, they are fine to wear. They should only use the Starmarks trademark emblem as their logo or design.

As long as the tip is not facing backwards, baseball caps are permitted. A simple design or solid colour is appropriate for socks. When worn underpants, they are not required to adhere to the formal colour palette; this will not apply when paired with skirts, gowns, or bottoms that show the ankle.

:gem: Body Inking is not a Problem

Tattoos are fine, but ensure they don’t contain any sexual, racist, or improper symbols or words. As long as they can be seen, tattoos on the face and neck are taboo.

In order to keep your tattoos legal, you must cover them up with clothing or make-up. In order to maintain food safety, it is unacceptable to have these tattoos on your fingers or hands if they are not hidden by make-up or clothing.

:fleur_de_lis: Are Tattoos Allowed on Starbucks Workers?

Starbucks has eased its restrictions on tattoos in the company’s dress code, making it easier for employees to get ink. Starbucks banned rude, blasphemous, racial, or sexually explicit tattoos from its stores. These tattoos were banned by the majority of companies.

In the event that you are able to, speak with your supervisor about this. Whether or not you need permission is entirely up to the discretion of individual store owners and managers. Before getting a complete sleeve, make sure to speak with your boss first.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Starbucks Allows Business Casual Attire

Let’s take a closer look at what’s allowed in this area. Dressed according to Starbucks policy. Walmart’s code allowed for:

  1. Dress in a rainbow of hues (Green, Gray, Navy, Brown, Khaki).

  2. The tops are white.

  3. Perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free clothing.

  4. Attachments clothing for food service workers.

  5. Dressing for personal hygiene is important.

  6. Foodservice workers should wear protective clothing to avoid injuries.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Starbucks Uniform Policy What is Not Permitted

  1. Dresses with holes, rips, and tears.

  2. It’s just too revealing.

  3. Dressed in typography or graphics.

  4. Large, eye-catching logos are the order of the day.

  5. Wearing gym or workout gear is acceptable attire.

  6. Tops with hoods.

  7. Dress invisible underwear.

  8. It is not permissible to use perfume or scent grooming items.

  9. Glitter and temporary hair colour are not permitted.


You get paid at your regular rate for all of your training hours because the training procedure is planned and paid over like a regular working time. To ensure that you get compensated for all of your work hours, you must recall to log in and out.

:question: Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

:one: How severe is the Starbucks dress code?

Make sure you’re dressed in dark colours like black, grey, navy and khaki (no white). There are exceptions to this rule, but mainly in darker shades and tints (no light tones). In order for clothes to last, they must be useful and comfortable, with no rips or tears.

:two: Is there a specific look for Starbucks employees?

Yes, it is correct. Whether or not employees wear uniforms is a matter of regional preference. In some countries and states, you may be required to wear a Starbucks uniform in order to enter the store. Paying for it and keeping it in tip-top shape are both obligatory obligations. A cap bearing the Starbucks logo might be part of the outfit.

:three: Is it allowed for Starbucks employees to wear green?

The green aprons worn by Starbucks baristas have become a trademark of the company. As it turns out, the uniforms of the multinational business have a purpose: the green tablecloth is inspired by the European coffee bars. For special occasions and holidays, some Starbucks stores don festive attire in a variety of hues.

:four: Whether or not you’re a customer at Starbucks, do you even have to put your hair up?

There are eight possible responses to this question. A ponytail or a grab of your hair over your shoulders will do. Yes, however only the Starbucks emblem is permitted on your cap. Yes, it is required that you wear your hair up.

:five: Do aprons and garments both allow the use of pins?

Generally speaking, aprons are not allowed to be decorated with anything other than the employee’s name tags. There is no restriction on the wearing of small pins that just aren’t sensitive to any tribe, culture or religion and that do not promote any brand and political philosophy To be safe, it’s preferable to speak with the store manager about this.

:six: Why is Starbucks so well-known?

It’s not just a coffee shop company; it’s one of the most successful in the world. As a result of its popularity, many people’s perceptions of coffee shops or how often we go out to get our morning jolt have shifted.

:seven: Is there a dress code at Starbucks?

Make sure you’re dressed in dark colours like black, grey, navy and tan (no white). There are exceptions to this rule, but mainly in darker shades and tints (no light tones). In order for clothes to last, they must be useful and comfortable, with no rips or tears.

:eight: Can I go to Starbucks with my hair down?

It’s fine if you prefer a different hair colour. Clean, brushed hair should be kept away from the face. No sprays, glitter, chalks, or other temporary hair colour items are allowed for food safety reasons. Keep long hair out of the way by tying it back with simple clips or hairbands.

:nine: When interviewing for a job at Starbucks, what attire should women wear?

Baristas to supervisors are among the retail positions available at Starbucks. If she were seeking the position of manager, she may wear a skirt and a stiletto rather than coloured pants and a basic top.

:keycap_ten: Do Starbucks staff get free alcoholic beverages?

In addition, they receive a discount of 30% on Coffee food and drink. They can also get many lattes as they choose while they’re working since most beverages are provided free of charge to staff during lunch breaks.

:recycle: Conclusion

Dress standards and regulations at Starbucks appear to be gender-neutral. Its willingness to allow people to experiment with their hair colour and piercings shows that they will be willing to try new things. However, for the staff, Starbucks is still a formal setting.

A clean and confident appearance may make a positive impression on both the management and the customers, thus it’s important to keep up with your personal hygiene. Be sure to ask any questions you have about coffee if you see a Starbucks employee in a black apron because they are a Starbucks-certified coffee expert. A barista who has the title of “coffee master” has mastered the art of making Starbucks coffee.

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