Star Keyboard

Star Keyboard

How to make a star symbol from a keyboard?

In some Microsoft applications, such as Notepad and Office, you can check if the number is locked. Set your font to a font that has an asterisk. I'm going to press the left key. Enter 9733 on the numeric keypad. Then release the left key. For electronic stars, do the same, but write 9734 instead.

"Paste" function in Microsoft Word / Publisher / Front page

Windows character map for copying and pasting symbols

The "reverse key" attacks the same symbol.

Are you serious

Alt + 15>

Or try this (MS Word)

Alt + 9733> (star)

Alt + 9734> (Asterisk)

The character code for this is & # 9733 ()

Or later

The character code for this is & # 9734 (e)

(& # 9734 =)


Character table, Gothic font, Unicode.

Click the star, click Select, then click Copy> Word Block.

Laptop user: If you do not have a numeric keypad, you will need to use a paste function or a matched character map.

Shift + 8 creates a star (*) on the UK and US QWERTY and Dvorak keyboards (and most others, I think), if that's what you mean.

Star Keyboard