Definition of Staphylococcus:

  1. A bacterium of a genus that includes many pathogenic kinds that cause pus formation, especially in the skin and mucous membranes.

  2. Genus of gram-positive, non-spore forming grape shaped bacteria, some species of which produce a heat resistant toxin. Staphylococci cause food poisoning and systemic infections leading to meningitis, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, and several other serious diseases, sometimes in hospitals. From Greek staphyle, bunch of grapes, and kokkos, berry.

Synonyms of Staphylococcus

Adenovirus, Aerobe, Aerobic bacteria, Amoeba, Anaerobe, Anaerobic bacteria, Bacillus, Bacteria, Bacterium, Bug, Coccus, Disease-producing microorganism, Echovirus, Enterovirus, Filterable virus, Fungus, Germ, Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, Microbe, Microorganism, Mold, Nonfilterable virus, Pathogen, Picornavirus, Protozoa, Protozoon, Reovirus, Rhinovirus, Rickettsia, Spirillum, Spirochete, Spore, Streptococcus, Trypanosome, Vibrio, Virus

How to use Staphylococcus in a sentence?

  1. Stallsafe is effective against salmonella, e-coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, listeria and many more bacteria, molds & fungi.

Meaning of Staphylococcus & Staphylococcus Definition