What is The Definition of Standing?

  1. Legal right to take legal action. Only people with legally recognized interests are eligible to take legal action.

Meanings of Standing

  1. Position, status or reputation.

  2. It is used to indicate how long an item lasts or whether a person completes a particular task.

  3. Performed on a swing or stand, without the use of swing or starting blocks (from a leap or at the beginning of a run).

  4. It remains in effect or is used permanently.

  5. (Water) freezes or cannot move.

  6. (Metal type) Placed after use.

  7. (Grain) was not cultivated and that is why it stands.

Sentences of Standing

  1. Your place in society

  2. Long-standing conflict

  3. I take a vertical jump

  4. You are always invited to view

  5. Cucumbers freeze even in winter

  6. This uniformity extends to permanent variations ... but not to your rearrangement type pages.

Synonyms of Standing

continuing, validity, lifeless, stagnant, ranking, immobile, static, dead, rank, level, permanent, life, inert, status, length of time, perpetual, endurance, footing, existence, duration, still, motionless, station, fixed, everlasting