Standing order

Standing order,

Definition of Standing order:

  1. A military order or ruling that is retained irrespective of changing conditions.

  2. Purchasing: Purchase order covering repeated deliveries of goods or services in specified quantities, at specified prices, and according to a specified schedule.

  3. An order or ruling governing the procedures of a society, council, or other deliberative body.

  4. Banking: Type of preauthorized-payment under which an accountholder instructs a bank to pay a specified amount, directly from his or her account balance, to a named party on a regular basis. Standing orders are used typically for recurring, fixed-amount expenses such as insurance premiums, mortgage installments, and subscriptions, and are cancelable at the accountholders option. See also direct debit payment.

Synonyms of Standing order

Procrustean law, SOP, Act, Bill, Bylaw, Canon, Code, Common practice, Criterion, Decree, Dictate, Dictation, Drill, Edict, Enactment, Form, Formality, Formula, Formulary, Guideline, Institution, Jus, Law, Law of nature, Legislation, Lex, Matter of course, Maxim, Measure, Norm, Norma, Order of nature, Ordinance, Ordonnance, Prescribed form, Prescript, Prescription, Principle, Procedure, Regulation, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Set form, Standard, Standard operating procedure, Standing orders, Statute, Universal law

How to use Standing order in a sentence?

  1. You need to always try and fill any standing order quickly so that they will come back to do business again.
  2. You should always make sure to fill any standing order that you have as fast as you can to keep a good reputation for prompt service.
  3. I needed to stop the standing order because I no longer wanted to pay the person that was getting all of my money.
  4. The soldiers carried with them CDF standing orders outlining the conditions under which a soldier might shoot.
  5. The EPs Rules of Procedure, the standing orders of the Parliament, set numerical criteria for group formation.

Meaning of Standing order & Standing order Definition