Definition of Standardization:

  1. The process of creating something standard.

  2. This ensures that the final product is of consistent quality and results comparable to other comparable items in the same class.

  3. Standardization is a framework agreement that must be complied with by all relevant parts of an industry or organization to ensure that all processes related to the manufacture of goods or the provision of services are carried out in accordance with established standards.

  4. Guidelines for the use of general context, formulation, publication and implementation of rules and regulations, to achieve maximum level of consistency or uniformity in a particular context, discipline or field.

How to use Standardization in a sentence?

  1. Training guarantees standardization of procedures everywhere.
  2. If you want to try something new, you need to make sure it meets the above criteria.
  3. The standardization process is great and makes things easy, and we know it's great for business.
  4. It can be used to help companies ensure compliance with production rules and procedures.
  5. You should always make sure that your company meets the standards for everything your community expects.
  6. Standardization ensures that certain products or benefits are manufactured in accordance with established guidelines.
  7. Standard lots are mostly used in trading to reduce liquidity and spreads.

Meaning of Standardization & Standardization Definition