To cover theft in a commercial vehicle dealership, open parking space is defined as an open area surrounded by a metal cyclone fence or with a height of at least 6 feet or confined around it. Is. One or more walls of the building, unsafe doors with exposed aspects of the property, surrounded by an ambush storm or domestic fence with a minimum height of 1.80 m and its excavation is safe and without supervision. Has been closed. Comprehensive theft insurance is applicable if the land meets the above criteria. Non-standard open lots and open lots that do not meet the above criteria are valid and a deduction of $ 50 (or more) applies.

Literal Meanings of STANDARD OPEN LOT


Meanings of STANDARD:
  1. A measure of quality or performance.

  2. An idea or object used as a pattern, pattern or model in benchmarking.

  3. A popular melody or song.

  4. Military or formal flags are hoisted on poles or waved on ropes.

  5. A tree or shrub that grows taller on a vertical trunk.

  6. Vertical piping for water or gas.

  7. Used or accepted as normal or medium.

  8. (From a tree or bush) Intact, growing on a standing trunk.

Sentences of STANDARD
  1. The restaurant offers a high quality service.

  2. Low wages by today's standards

  3. Many songs went to the western part of the country, other songs were standard jazz and kissing nova pop.

  4. Sir Marcus Versley paid tribute to the Queen Mother and members of the Malton and Norton branches of the British Royal Legion hoisted flags.

  5. Regular tax rate

  6. Standard waves are useful in situations where direct altitude is required.

Synonyms of STANDARD

gauge, colours, law, model, common, norm, ensign, guideline, streamer, excellence, habitual, measure, exemplar, typical, prevailing, benchmark, archetype, routine, established, ideal, requirement, traditional, settled, banderole, colour, degree


Meanings of OPEN:
  1. Move or adjust (doors or windows) to allow access and visibility.

  2. Deployment or Advanced Deployment.

  3. Establishment (new project, movement or business)

  4. Be ready or officially ready for a customer, visitor or company.

  5. Make it more available or popular.

  6. Breaking the conductive path (circuit)

  7. Championships or competitions in which there is no restriction on who can qualify for the competition.

  8. Accidental interference with an electric path.

  9. Allow access, walkways, or feedback through uninterrupted or uninterrupted voices.

  10. Wind display or sight display.

  11. With outer edge or open side.

  12. Official visitor approval available to customer or company (from store, location, etc.).

  13. It is available for free or for free.

Sentences of OPEN
  1. He opened the door and entered

  2. The eagle spreads its wings and flies in the air

  3. He opened a new restaurant across the street

  4. The woman opened her house selling coffee and tea. 731 picked up

  5. Mahathir Mohamad's resignation as Malaysia's prime minister opens up prospects for closer ties with Australia

  6. British Open Venue

  7. Opening the cable prevents the signal from spreading.

  8. The whole year passed with snow plowing

  9. An open fire is burning on the grill

  10. The store is open until 9 p.m.

  11. This service is open to all students.

  12. I am very open about my point of view.

Synonyms of OPEN

unbar, honest, unfurl, unresolved, unlatch, unfolded, open for business, unbolt, up in the air, forthright, unfurled, available, off the latch, unfold, free-spoken, undecided, unfasten, unbolted, unsettled, unlatched


Meanings of LOT:
  1. A special group, a group or group of people or things.

  2. An item or series of items to be auctioned.

  3. Any of the many items, such as randomly selected straws, stones or pieces of paper, as part of the decision-making process.

  4. A person's happiness or life is basically determined by destiny or destination.

  5. A plot of land for sale or personal use.

  6. very much

  7. Divide into (lots) lots to sell at auction.

  8. A lot or a lot

  9. A river in southern France that flows 300 miles (480 km) to the west meets the Garon in southeastern Bordeaux.

Sentences of LOT
  1. Nineteen lots sold

  2. To set the order in which the questions are asked.

  3. Plan to make the most backward people

  4. A desert

  5. I played a lot of tennis last year

  6. Content was created and will be auctioned on Monday

  7. There are a lot of actors in the cast

Synonyms of LOT

fate, tract of land, piece of ground, consignment, parcel, pack, quantities, throw dice, much, assortment, clique, dice, draw straws, a profusion, plenty, band, doom, bundle, set, decide on the drawing of straws, load, a great deal, quantity, decide randomly, spin a coin, a large amount, circle, toss a coin, a deal