Standard of value

Standard of value,

Definition of Standard of value:

  1. Historically, gold has been used as a standard of value in many countries. The U.S. went off the gold standard domestically in 1934 and internationally in 1971. A floating rate of currency exchange is now used instead.

  2. Standard of value is an agreed-upon worth for a transaction in a country's medium of exchange, such as the U.S. dollar or Mexican peso. A standard of value allows all merchants and economic entities to set uniform prices for goods and services. This standard is necessary in order to maintain a stable economy.

  3. Type of value being used in a specific transaction, such as adjusted basis value, book value, fair market value, etc.

How to use Standard of value in a sentence?

  1. Kevin was encouraged by the sales figures until he realized the standard of value being applied incorrectly inflated the profit numbers.
  2. When trading in a used car most dealerships agree to use the price defined in the Kelley Blue Book as the Standard Of Value .
  3. The standard of value was mentioned during the meeting because we wanted congruent and meaningful data and correspondingly the tools used to understand the data as well needed to be consistent.

Meaning of Standard of value & Standard of value Definition

What are values?

Values are the levels through which we estimate people actions, way of living, their behavior and standard of life. Value means that how much something or some’one is foremost to you. Values are kind of parameter to measure what is most important to you. Values determine your precedence and shows what is supreme to you in your way of living. Standard of Value in short form are those acts which are good, worthy and appreciable and reason behind our actions. Things you use and buy builds your value.

What is standard of value?

Standard is meant to anything definite, rules, principles, that things should happen according to these rules to measure the standard.

Standard of value is to determine the value with comparison to the other values of life. Standard of value is actually a level below which values are not acceptable. Standard of value referred as a unit of value or as a test to the quality of value.

Is money a standard of value?

In this modern world of fast technology and advancement, money has become an important factor for living. Without money everything in life becomes useless. This world depends upon money and standards of life and ways of comfortable livings also hang on money.

So, with these changing, money has become a standard of value. Money has became a parameter to measure someone’s wealth, to know about someone’s generousity, to understand people ways to spend life. All these are the standards of values and money is on top of standard of value.

What is Store of value?

A store of value is an virtue that maintains values without devaluing it. Store of value means to store wealth in terms of precious things to keep its value.

For example; If we talk about precious metals, the Gold is one of the most precious metal and is best store to values. If we store gold in terms of values, it proves better because many economies depend upon gold and other precious metals. Similarly if we store milk or any other thing which will decay with time, it will be a poor store to values. In present many countries have a store of value in the form of their local currency; like US Dollars, the Canadian Dollar, the Japanese Yen.

Is silver a good store of value?

Silver is a precious metal and may be used by some people as an investment. Silver has been a store of value over 4,000 years and has been regarded as a form of money. But now today in present world, some of the developed countries has stooped using silver as a store of value. The silver as a store of value comes to an end in 1935 because of much advancement.

What are the 5 core values?

Core values are those which are key of success and happiness of your life and are most important for best survival. I’m gonna discuss here 5 best core values which are universally important values of life. These are;

  • Fire of Enthusiasm

  • Confidence

  • Hard Work

  • Honesty

  • Perseverance

These are the world’s 5 best core values which lead us to success and happiness.

List of Values

Here’s a list of common values of this world and are same in societies on which life depends. You can go through this list and can pick your best values from them without wasting time to know better about important values of your life;

Accomplishment Drive Motivation
Accountability Efficiency Optimism
Accuracy Energy Originality
Adaptability Enthusiasm Patience
Ambition Ethical Peace
Assertiveness Excellence Persistence
Beauty Fairness Power
Boldness Family Professionalism
Bravery Fearless Respect
Candor Foresight Responsibility
Careful Friendship Selfless
Charity Genius Service
Commitment Hard work Skill
Communication Honesty Success
Compassion Humility Sustainability
Confidence Independence Teamwork
Consistency Innovation Thoughtful
Control Inspiring Tolerance
Cooperation Joy Toughness
Courtesy Kindness Trust
Creativity Leadership Truth
Decisive Logic Unity
Dependability Love Victory
Determination Loyalty Welcoming
Dignity Meaning Wisdom

These are to values to decide which fits best to you to make your life best.


Money acts as a typical useful by making it easy for people to match the worth of various goods and services consistent with a consistent point of reference . The US dollar wont to be tied to the gold standard, where each dollar in circulation was backed by the same value in gold held in reserve by the government.

Frequently Asked Question

Standard of value is important in life. So, some questions are asked about the standard of value;

What are values in a person?

Personal values are most precious things which shows your behavior, makes you personality characteristics and you understand what most important to your self. for Example; some people give value to adventure and try new things, but on the other hand, some will say that security and safety is first.

How do I identify my core values?

There are few steps to recognize and identify your core values. These steps are;

  1. Write your values on page

  2. Think the people you most praise

  3. Think about your experiences

  4. Classify your value into similar groups

  5. Recognize the main theme common in values

  6. Select your top core values from them.

What are professional values?

As we know, values are the important aspects and things in your life. They are the parameters of your personality and shows what is important too you. In this regard, values are your principles and your beliefs in profession which influence you to work and to stick to your aims and goals.


After discussion, we came on the point that Standard of Values are important factors of life and they influence you to be happy and to keep working to get success. Your values makes your personality different from other people of the society to maintain your identity. Hence values are necessary.

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