Standard of care

Standard of care,

Definition of Standard of care:

  1. Degree of care an ordinary, reasonable, and prudent person would exercise in given circumstances. Used as a test of liability in cases of negligence, this standard is not applied uniformly on all persons because varying degrees of reasonableness may be expected from a minor (infant), an unskilled person, or a professional such as a doctor. See also duty of care.

How to use Standard of care in a sentence?

  1. The standard of care was only what any reasonable person would do in that emergency situation so the court ruled he acted responsibly.
  2. Having a good standard of care around the office will ensure that all of your companies possessions are treated properly.
  3. I wanted my grandpa to be taken to that place because they had a really high standard of care and would help him a lot.

Meaning of Standard of care & Standard of care Definition