Standard Markets

Standard Markets,

Standard Markets: What is the Meaning of Standard Markets?

  • Meaning of Standard Markets: Insurance companies that are eligible for most individuals or organizations. See also National Insurance.

Literal Meanings of Standard Markets


Meanings of Standard:
  1. A measure of quality or performance.

  2. An idea or thing used as a reference, standard or model in benchmarking.

  3. A popular melody or song.

  4. Military or formal flags are hoisted on poles or waved on ropes.

  5. A tree or shrub that grows taller on a vertical trunk.

  6. Vertical piping for water or gas.

  7. Used or accepted as normal or medium.

  8. (From a tree or shrub) that grows on a full, upright trunk.

Sentences of Standard
  1. The restaurant offers a high quality service.

  2. Low wages by today's standards

  3. Many songs went to the western part of the country, other songs were standard jazz and Kiss Nova Pop.

  4. Sir Marcus Versley paid tribute to the Queen Mother and members of the Malton and Norton branches of the British Royal Legion hoisted flags.

  5. Regular tax rate

  6. Standard waves are useful in situations where direct altitude is required.

Synonyms of Standard

banderole, model, established, banner, excellence, level, grade, set, worth, common, fixed, calibre, prevailing, customary, measure, ensign, traditional, ordinary, day-to-day, usual, guide, principle, pennant, criterion


Meanings of Markets:
  1. Advertise or advertise (something)

  2. The area or environment where the business takes place

Sentences of Markets
  1. They want to do market research

  2. The UK market is in recession

Synonyms of Markets

offer for sale, retail, merchandise, sell, peddle, put up for sale, hawk, vend, trade