Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC),

Definition of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC):

The old system of ranking companies by type of economic activity.

Literal Meanings of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)


Meanings of Standard:
  1. Quality or performance level

  2. Ideas or things that are used as benchmarking measures, standards or models.

  3. A popular RAW or a popular RAW with.

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Sentences of Standard
  1. The restaurant offers high quality service

  2. Wages are low by today's standards

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  4. Sir Marcus Versley raised the flag and paid tribute to the Queen Mother and members of Malton and the Norton Branch of the Royal British Army.

  5. Standard tax rate

  6. The standard axis is useful in situations where height is urgently needed.

Synonyms of Standard

traditional, merit, calibre, yardstick, conventional, colours, common, typical, degree, set, fixed, gauge, day-to-day, flag, everyday, canon, streamer, law, daily, level, ideal, model, banner, normal, requirement


Meanings of Industrial:
  1. Sector related or features

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  4. Shares in industrial companies

Sentences of Industrial
  1. Small industrial town

  2. We are facing tax evasion on an industrial scale

  3. Strong industrial dance music

  4. Although Nasdaq is at ٪ 9, the share price has risen 60% this year to 70 70, beating other Dow Jones industrialists.

Synonyms of Industrial

manufacturing, factory


Meanings of Classification:
  1. The process or process of classifying an item according to its general characteristics.

Sentences of Classification
  1. Classification of diseases according to symptoms

Synonyms of Classification

classing, stratification, codification, systematization, classifying, ranking, categorization, grading, organization, sorting, grouping, categorizing


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Sentences of SIC
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