Standard deviation

Standard deviation,

Definition of Standard deviation:

  1. Marketing: A measure of the difference between the meaning (mathematical meaning) and the value of the individual in the middle, that is, in different variations between the response to the same ad in different media.

  2. Calculate the value to represent the variations of the group as a whole.

  3. Investment - A measure of bond fluctuations, derived from the bond's historical returns and used to determine the extent of possible future returns. The higher the standard deviation, the higher the probability of fluctuations.

  4. Statistics - A measure of the uncertainty of a random variable, expressed as the average deviation of the data in which the average deviation from the mathematical cause is determined and as the positive square of the variable. Is calculated. Generally, with lowercase Greek letters or sigma letters, this is considered to be the most useful and important scattering step, having all the necessary features of the variable and having the advantage of fixing them in the same units. Original data This is also known as RMS.

Synonyms of Standard deviation

Inaccurateness, Imprecision, Inexactness, Negligence, Probable error, Uncorrectness, Uncertainty principle, Frequency curve, Game theory, Frequency distribution, Quantum mechanics, Unrigorousness, Looseness, Mathematical probability, Predictability, Laxity, Unfactualness, Statistical probability, Statistics, Operations research, Predictable error, Tolerance, Incorrectness, Probability theory, Unpreciseness, Inaccuracy, Approximation, Allowance, Inexactitude, Deviation, Statistical mechanics

How to use Standard deviation in a sentence?

  1. In bell curves, the expected value is considered to be within the standard deviation from the mean.
  2. Susan tries to find new investments for her portfolio with a low standard deviation, which helps her not to bother to immediately raise and lower prices.
  3. The experiment then calculated the sources and standard deviations for each compound.
  4. I avoid investing in stocks that have high quality deviations in prices, as I prefer to invest in low risk and volatile companies.

Meaning of Standard deviation & Standard deviation Definition