Stand alone

Stand alone,

Definition of Stand alone:

  1. Computing: (1) Self-contained computer system that is not linked or dependent on any other computer. (2) Software that is sold individually and not as a part of a bundle or package.

  2. General: Device that is sufficient in itself to perform its intended function, without the need of any other device, component, or service; such as a stand alone generator.

  3. Be unequaled.

Synonyms of Stand alone

Unmatched, Unrivalled, Unparalleled, Unequalled, Matchless, Peerless, Without peer, Without equal, In a class of its own, All-time best, Inimitable, Incomparable, Beyond compare, Beyond comparison, Second to none, Unsurpassable, Surpassing, Nonpareil

How to use Stand alone in a sentence?

  1. When it came to fun, Julia stood alone.

Meaning of Stand alone & Stand alone Definition