Stamp Duties

Stamp Duties,

How To Define Stamp Duties?

The cost of issuing official documents, such as passports, deeds, property transfer agreements, etc. Stamp duty is usually levied on the stamp attached to the document. postage stamp

Literal Meanings of Stamp Duties


Meanings of Stamp:
  1. Place yourself a little more (one foot) down on the floor or floor.

  2. Print design or trademark, especially with official design, engraved stamps or blocks or with ink or other tools (surfaces, objects or documents).

  3. Keep a stamp or postage stamp (letter or package)

  4. Crushing (Minerals)

  5. Tools for printing shapes or symbols, especially in engraved or colored blocks or stamps.

  6. A small piece of sticky paper is stuck to something to show that some money has been paid, especially the postage.

  7. The function or sound of a foot tap.

  8. Ore crushing block in stamp factory.

Sentences of Stamp
  1. He kicks in frustration

  2. This woman stamped my passport

  3. Annie sealed the envelope

  4. The minerals were finely stamped, roasted and melted in a vaguely blended container.

  5. Hathaway uses multiple stamps to mark his instruments.

  6. First class post

  7. Stamping shoes on the bare floor

Synonyms of Stamp

imprint, print, impress, punch, inscribe, engrave, chase, etch, carve, emboss, deboss, brand, frank, mark, label


Meanings of Duties:
  1. There is a moral or legal obligation.

  2. A task or tasks that must be performed during your work.

  3. Payment for import, export, manufacture or sale of goods.

  4. A measure of engine performance in units of work per unit.

Sentences of Duties
  1. I have a duty to respect the law

  2. The official duty of queens

  3. 6% duty on imports

Synonyms of Duties

responsibility, obligation, commitment, obedience, allegiance, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity, respect, deference, reverence, homage, job, task, chore, assignment, commission, mission, function, charge, part, place, role, concern, requirement, duty, tax, levy, tariff