Stale-dated Check

Stale-dated Check,

What Does Stale-dated Check Mean?

Shipped to a paying bank 180 days (6 months) or more after the original issue date. The same commercial code does not require banks to accept excessive checks and they can return them to the issuing bank without any payment. The Czech author can avoid delivery delays by writing incorrect text on the back of the check after X days.

Literal Meanings of Stale-dated Check


Meanings of Stale:
  1. Do or grow old

  2. (Food) Eating fresh, hard, light or dry food is not pleasant.

  3. Urinating (animals, especially horses).

Sentences of Stale
  1. He cut the leftovers from yesterday, now he is old

  2. Rotten bread

  3. The horse spread during the ride

Synonyms of Stale

past its best, dry, dried out, past its sell-by date, hard, hardened, old


Meanings of Dated:
  1. Date marked.

  2. Worn out

Sentences of Dated
  1. Signature and date of painting by Lucien

  2. Old expression


Meanings of Check:
  1. Examine (something) to determine its accuracy, quality, condition, or the presence of an object.

  2. Pause or slow down (something unwanted)

  3. The (passenger) leaves (luggage) in the care of the carrier traveling with him.

  4. Click or click (box) to select specific options on forms, questionnaires, etc.

  5. Move Mohri or Mohan to attack (the king of the opponent).

  6. (In poker) If you call, you do not choose to bet so that promotions can be given to other players.

  7. Take a break (from hunting dogs) to confirm or find the scent.

  8. Investigations to verify accuracy, quality or satisfactory condition.

  9. Stop or postpone permanently.

  10. A move in which a mohan or infantry directly attacked the opposing king. If the defender cannot resist the attack, the king is reconciled.

  11. A written order to the bank to transfer a certain amount to a cash account. Restaurant bill

  12. Leave identification for goods.

Sentences of Check
  1. Customs officials have the right to inspect all goods.

  2. Several attempts were made to control the disease.

  3. I checked my luggage and received my boarding pass

  4. Users who want privacy should check the box that prevents them from sharing their files.

  5. Move your knight to regain control of my king

  6. Each player can check, bet, call or extend as usual and bet the required amount for each card they hold.

  7. Demand for regular inspection of gas appliances

  8. Nothing stops the market from expanding

  9. A movement that is not captured, remembered or directly attacked.

Synonyms of Check

examine, scan, halt, analysis, dissection, investigation, stop, bring to a standstill, examination, assessment, scrutinization, inspection, perusal, scrutinize, arrest, study, look over, probe, cut short, scrutiny, inspect, look at, survey, inquiry, check-up