Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama

Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama

What is the ladder of heaven? (Korean Swedish drama)

Is there any happiness at the end?

A story between Han Jing Soo (Chi Ji Wu) and his best friend Cha Sung Zhou (Kwon San Wu). As a childhood friend, Jang Seh and Song Joo had a special relationship that turned into love. They are always close to each other, even though Sang Jos is their mother and Jang So is their mother. A few months later, Jang Sahas met an actress and immediately. I just fell in love with it. The two are married and Jang So is so happy that he finally smiles at her and tells Song Zhu that he has not seen her smile like this since her mother left. After her mother-in-law left, she took her daughter (Yuri) and son (Tihua) with her. But when Jang Sahas left for work, her mother-in-law turned her true nature into a violent woman. He thwarted Jung Soo's efforts to study abroad, so Song Jiu went to the United States to study abroad, leaving behind a sad Jung Soo. Jang Seh is left alone to endure the silent cruelty of her sister-in-law Yuri and her new mother-in-law. Jung Sao's cruel mother-in-law comes from a rich family to win Song Zhu's love for her daughter Yuri, and Jung Sao's attempt to stay with Sang Zhu thwarts Xu's efforts. Meanwhile, Jang Soo tries to be better than her new stepbrother, Tai Hova, and turns friendship into love. Tae Hwa loves young war Suh.

Song Joo has been in the United States for three years. On his return, the enthusiastic Young Seh ran to greet him. An angry Yuri, enraged, crushes Yuri Jangsooh behind the wheel and hits John Sooh in his car. The identity of one of the people who had just exchanged views with Jang Seh was incorrect, Tai Hua, who still loves Jang Seh, knows what Yuri did, but the accident was attributed to Jang Seh. Sees together as an opportunity to escape, otherwise he will become Joo singing again. Yuri and Tai Hova are the same people with their logic who know what happened and Tai Hoos are willing to protect their daughter. The war loses its memory and the wind blows them away and changes their names.

Five years after the accident, he also marked the disappearance of pain. The day the family got together to arrange the engagement, Songju decided to fire her son. So she sat down with her partner Zanjeer from last year and whispered to Jang Sah ... I wish she could see you again ... Just once more she saw, and on the carousel she was in her battle sleep. See, now Kim Jessu (after changing her name from Tai Hua), Songju Jisu always said that she is Han Jing Xu, but she didn't believe Sonjju's words and she thinks she is Kim Jessu but Han Jang is not asleep. She and Tai Hua are in the clothing industry. After many close encounters with Song Jio, this includes the fact that his company has hired him to design a new line of clothing for a new product. And finally, one day Jang Seh turned his memory around. By then, however, Song, who was already at Jang SH's home, had turned his back on Song Joo and other attempts to hide him from his family for three years due to eye surgery. Jung leaves and decides that Song Joo doesn't want to see her anymore, because she will surely be affected by his suffering. His brother-in-law, Tai Hua, is an artist who helps Jang Soh make real paintings to raise money for his business. However, Song Joo soon learns that Jang Soo is sick, and Tae Hua and Song Joo work together to help Jung Soo. Taihua finally announces her engagement to Yuri, leaving Jung Xu with Song Jiu, and marries Jung Xu. During the wedding, Tae Hoa and Urs Elle, Aso revealed that it was Yuri who had targeted Jang Sah, and Yuri was arrested. After that, Jang Seh's mother-in-law was abandoned by Jang Sehs and went mad. He was sent on a psychological coup. Jangsuh then decided to shine silver on the cancer cells in his eyes. However, if the cancer has spread, it will need to deal with something.

In the coming weeks, Jung Xu and Song Zhu will spend time together as Sung Jao ​​and Tahua's husband become good friends. Jang Sao tells Taiwa that his only wish is to see Song Juice's face one last time. Song Jo and Tihua (separately) asked the doctor to give Jung Xu a cornea, but the doctor said they could not collect the cornea from a living donor. When Tihua thought of Jung Xu's wish to die, Song Jao ​​disappointed the group. You decide that you want to achieve this dream at any cost and put your plan into action. He took a fake photo of himself with a French girl, later wrote a letter to send and told his friends and family that he was going to Paris, France for his art and did not know when he would go.

Stairs to heaven.

Alternative: ²œêµ˜³ "‹ ¨ / Limestone / Stairs to Heaven / Stairs to Heaven / Steps to Heaven

Genre: Drama, Romance

Photo taken in December 2003

Number of episodes: 20

Korean Actors: CG Wu, Kim Ok, Kim Tae, Kwon San Wu


Jangju and Songju grew up together. They are always there for each other. The tragedy came when Song Jiu partnered with a young cow abroad. The warrior married Tai Meera. Meera congratulated her two marriages, Tahua and Yuri. Yuri is jealous of Jang's life and is determined to take everything from him, including Songju. Tahua needs to create feelings for his stepbrother, even though the warriors still love Songju. Five years later, the tragedy strikes when a boy is in a car accident and loses his memory. With your tahwa, make Songju believe again that this is true. However, when they meet one day, she vows to remind him of her love. When he finally found his way, the calf was diagnosed with eye cancer.

Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama

Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama

What song

The car accident was not done by anyone else; Jung Xu's step sister Yuri !! it is.

Does Tahua make a calf blink and think that they are close friends / lovers?

There is no end to happiness .... :( For all four.

amazing! Thank you very much! I asked myself the same question today

Stairway To Heaven Korean Drama