Stages Of High School

Stages Of High School

High school level? 3

What is a high school level? 9-12?

I don't know what you mean, but I think so.

Ninth grade, first year.

You relax with your elementary school friends and gradually meet another different social group. In the end, you must decide on your best opportunity.

Class 10, ■■■■.

You spend more time with your parents and feel more secure. Drink a lot at this stage. Maybe your first boyfriend is here, this is a really good age.

Class 11, Juniors.

You feel pressured to choose your university and profession. Lots of night owls now. If not, laugh at them.

Class 12, Excel.

su terminale, you are the best in school and nothing bothers you.

More or less what I observed.

To answer me?

High school internship

I don't know what you mean ... can you explain what you mean? I want to help

Can I guess and say freshman softer junior senior?

Stages Of High School