Definition of Stable:

  1. Not volatile, or varying infrequently within a narrow range.

  2. (of an object or structure) not likely to give way or overturn; firmly fixed.

Synonyms of Stable

Augean stables, Abiding, Accordant, Accountable, Adamantine, Age group, Age-long, Aged, Alike, Ancient, Antique, Articulated, Assiduous, Automatic, Balanced, Band, Barn, Battalion, Bed, Beleaguer, Berth, Beset, Besiege, Bevy, Billet, Blockade, Body, Bound, Box in, Brigade, Bulky, Bunch, Bunk, Byre, Cabal, Cage, Calculable, Cast, Catenated, Ceaseless, Chamber, Changeless, Chastened, Chronic, Clique, Close in, Cohort, Company, Compass, Competent, Complement, Concatenated, Connected, Consistent, Consonant, Constant, Constrained, Contain, Contingent, Continual, Continued, Continuing, Continuous, Controlled, Cool, Coop, Coop in, Coop up, Cordon, Cordon off, Corps, Corral, Correspondent, Coterie, Covey, Cowbarn, Cowbyre, Cowhouse, Cowshed, Crew, Crowd, Cyclical, Deep-rooted, Dense, Dependable, Detachment, Detail, Devoted, Diligent, Direct, Diuturnal, Division, Dogged, Domicile, Domiciliate, Dump, Durable, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Endless, Enduring, Enshrine, Entry, Equable, Equal, Established, Even, Evergreen, Faction, Fail-safe, Faithful, Faithworthy, Fast, Favorite, Featureless, Fence in, Fiducial, Firm, Firm as Gibraltar, Fixed, Flat, Fleet, Frozen, Gang, Gapless, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Guaranteed, Harbor, Hard, Hardy, Harmless, Heavy, Hedge in, Hem in, Hole, Homogeneous, House, House in, Hovel, Hushed, Immediate, Immobile, Immutable, Imperturbable, Impound, Imprison, In control, In equilibrium, In hand, In-group, Inalterable, Incarcerate, Incessant, Include, Indefatigable, Indomitable, Industrious, Infrangible, Insistent, Intact, Interminable, Intransient, Invariable, Inveterate, Invincible, Inviolate, Invulnerable, Jail, Joined, Jointless, Junta, Kennel, Lasting, Leaguer, Level, Limited, Linked, Lodge, Long-lasting, Long-lived, Long-standing, Long-term, Longeval, Longevous, Loyal, Macrobiotic, Made of iron, Marble-constant, Massive, Measured, Mechanical, Methodic, Mew, Mew up, Mews, Mob, Monolithic, Monotonous, Movement, Mudder, Never-ending, Never-tiring, Nonstop, Obstinate, Of a piece, Of long duration, Of long standing, Ordered, Orderly, Out-group, Outfit, Pack, Party, Patient, Patient as Job, Peer group, Pen, Pen in, Perdurable, Perduring, Perennial, Periodic, Permanent, Perpetual, Perseverant, Persevering, Persistent, Persisting, Pertinacious, Pesthole, Phalanx, Pigpen, Pigsty, Plague spot, Plate horse, Plater, Platoon, Plodding, Plugging, Pocket, Poised, Pole horse, Pony, Posse, Predictable, Preoccupied, Put up, Quarantine, Quarter, Quelled, Quiescent, Race horse, Racer, Rail in, Rapt, Reasonable, Recurrent, Regiment, Regular, Relentless, Reliable, Remaining, Repetitive, Resolute, Responsible, Restrained, Rigid, Riskless, Robotlike, Rookery, Room, Round-the-clock, Rugged, Running, Safe, Salon, Sane, Seamless, Secure, Sedulous, Sempervirent, Sensible, Serried, Set, Shelter, Shrine, Shut in, Shut up, Single-minded, Sleepless, Slogging, Slum, Smooth, Solid, Sound, Squad, Stabile, Stake horse, Staker, Stall, Starter, Static, Stationary, Staunch, Staying, Steadfast, Steady, Steeplechaser, Stout, Straight, String, Strong, Stubborn, Sturdy, Sty, Subdued, Substantial, Sure, Surefire, Surround, Sustained, Systematic, Team, Tempered, Tenacious, Tenement, The slums, Tireless, Torpid, Tough, Tribe, Troop, Troupe, True, True-blue, Trustworthy, Trusty, Twenty-four-hour, Unabating, Unalterable, Unaltered, Unassailable, Unbreakable, Unbroken, Unceasing, Unchangeable, Unchanged, Unchanging, Unchecked, Unconquerable, Undangerous, Undaunted, Undestroyed, Undeviating, Undifferentiated, Undiscouraged, Undiversified, Undrooping, Unending, Unfading, Unfailing, Unfaltering, Unflagging, Unflappable, Unflinching, Unhazardous, Uniform, Unintermitted, Unintermittent, Unintermitting, Uninterrupted, Unnodding, Unperilous, Unprecarious, Unrelaxing, Unrelenting, Unrelieved, Unremitting, Unrisky, Unruffled, Unshakable, Unshifting, Unsleeping, Unstopped, Unswerving, Untiring, Unvaried, Unvarying, Unwavering, Unwearied, Unwearying, Unwinking, Unyielding, Utterly attentive, Vital, Wall in, Warranteed, Warren, Weariless, Well-balanced, Well-built, Well-constructed, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Well-made, Wing, Without nerves, Wrap, Yard, Yard up, Firm, Solid, Steady, Secure, Fixed, Strong, Fast, Stout, Sturdy, Safe, Moored, Anchored, Stuck down, Immovable, Well built, Well constructed, Substantial

How to use Stable in a sentence?

  1. Specially designed dinghies that are very stable.

Meaning of Stable & Stable Definition