St Jude Vs Judas

St Jude Vs Judas

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This is the reason I ask this strange question. I was learning Spanish so I bought a Spanish translation of wheat thinking it would be a great way to practice the new language. I was surprised to learn that Judas' book in English is called Judas in Spanish. Much muttered, this is exactly Judas man and does his life resemble the life of the man we call Judas in English that he is the same person?

Clearly, when I say Judas in English, I mean the man who was given 30 pieces of silver to prove who Jesus was.

Both names are versions of Judas, which was a common name in Jesus' day: after the hammer of Judas, the rebellion of the Maccabees and the kingdom of the Hasmonaeans. His two brothers are called Simon and John, so these names are common.

Judas was not the apostle Judas. The Gospel of John makes it clear that when Judas asked the question during the holy sermon, they were two different people. Tradition says that Judas was one of the four brothers / cousins ​​of Jesus because he was called James' son or brother. Since he does not appear in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, many say that he is the same person as Thaddeus, who appears in these Gospels.

There are actually four people in the New Testament named Judas! There were two of Jesus' twelve oral disciples named Judas. One of these traitors was Judas Iscariot. The other is called Judas, the son of James, in Luke 6:16, John 14:22 and Acts 1:13, and Thaddeus in Matthew. 10: 3 and Mark 3:18. The third is Judas, the brother of James the Righteous, who heads the earthly church in Jerusalem. This couple and this James Matthew are Jesus' brothers (an uncertain term that could mean cousin). 13:55 and Mark 6: 3. This Judas is also called Judas, and it is thought that he (and not Judas) was the author of the last New Testament letter, Judas. But it is assumed that St. Judas helped the seriously ill and that the new apostle Judas / Judas / Thaddeus was from James' son! Do you want to be a little more stupid? Acts 15:22 and 32 refer to Judas named Bersabas, the leader and prophet of the Jerusalem church (verse 32). He is often identified in Acts 1:23 with Joseph named Barsabas, the man who was not chosen when Matthias was appointed after Judas Iscariot, but of the other three Judas mentioned. Not with anyone

No, because of Judas, who accepted the conversion by betraying Christ, or just Jesus, or not much later. It was Mr. Scrooge.

Another apostle is Judas, but his name is Tadaeus or James' son Judas.

Matthew 10: 3 Mark 3:18 Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13 do not include Thaddaeus. Instead, we find "James, son of James," which implies that Tadau was another name for the apostle Judas. The possibility of two apostles named Judas may be one of the reasons why the name Lola Molsk is sometimes used. Some translators translate Luke 6:16 and Acts 1:13, "Judas, brother of James" because the Greek does not show the correct relationship. But the map of Syria gives the word "baby". The only biblical reference to Judas is in John 14:22. This verse refers to it as "Judas, not Iscariot" and therefore provides a way to understand who Judas is talking about.

Then there is Jesus' brother Judas.

"One of Jesus Christ, but a brother of Santiago. The author of this inspired letter introduces himself in this way. Apparently, he is not one of the 11 apostles who believed in Jesus Christ as" Judas, the son of Jacob. " (Luke 6:16) He did not call himself an apostle of Jesus Christ, but “one.” 17, 18.


Among the apostles were two named:

(1) Jude (Jude 1: 1 Matthew 13:55 John 14:22 Acts 1:13), also called Leibaus or Todd (Matthew 10: 3 Mark 3:18) and

(2) Judas Iscariot (Matthew 10: 4 Mark 3:19). He is called James' brother (Luke 6:16), probably the same as Judas, nicknamed Labs. There is only one thing about it in John 14:22.

Judas was a common name in Palestine at the time of Christ. Refers to the tribe of Judah, the tribe of King David and the tribe of Jesus. The apostle Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus. By the way, Jesus' name is Jesus. Judas wrote the book of Judas, Jesus 'half-brother and James' eleventh brother.

St Jude Vs Judas

St Jude Vs Judas

Judas is not a scribe.

Well, they're * the same name *. English wheat distinguishes those who use the name Judas (traitor) and the other Judas.

No, but they both practice judo.

St Jude Vs Judas