Sst In Medical Terms

Sst In Medical Terms

What is the medical term SST?

Serum separation tubes, also called serum separation tubes or SSTs, are used in medical-clinical-chemical tests that require blood serum. They contain a special gel that separates the blood cells from the serum, as well as particles that help the blood to clot quickly.

Similarly, people ask: What does the abbreviation SST mean?


Definition of acronym
Osh Singapore Standard Time
stainless steel Special service tools
Osh SpreadSpectrum technology
stainless steel Spread spectrum technology
What is the medical term PST? DVT. Part-time, seasonal, temporary. ### What does SMS by SMS mean in this context?

SST stands for:

Meaning of rank abbreviation
***** Osh Scented toilet jokes
*** Osh Short jumpsuit
*** Osh Sega sound team
What do we mean by SSL teacher? SST stands for secondary school teacher.

What does SST mean on a bank statement?

Stainless steel on the counter

What is stainless steel?

SST stands for stainless steel.

What does safety at work mean in marine sciences?

Sea surface temperature

What is SST in English?

Definition of the social sciences. 1: a branch of science that deals with the institutions and functions of human society and the interpersonal relationships between individuals as members of society. 2: a science (such as economics or political science) that deals with a specific phase or aspect of human society.

What is a sanitary PST?

What does PST mean?

Pacific Standard Time

What is a PST standard for?

A PST file is a personal folder file in Microsoft Outlook. In Outlook, the memory limit applies to one user. The PST file is 2GB in size. PST stands for personal storage.

What is PSR in the medical field?

RPS. Abbreviation for Periodontal Screening and Registration Periodic Screening Journal.

What does PSD mean in medical terms?

PSD stands for: pancreatic duodenectomy | Patient Service | Pilonidal sinus disease | Placenta sulfatase deficiency | polysystemic dysautonomia | Depression after stroke | posterior sagittal diameter | Protein Sequence Database | psychosomatic illness | Protein S deficiency | Post Stroke Depression

What is a PST Nurse?

What does PST mean in education?

Program Support Teacher

What is PST in the Army?

Sst In Medical Terms