Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

Have you received the Catalina View North Lane 12 Expressway notice? 3

Yes, I have received reports of a leak on the highway connecting 12 Catalina View North Lane.

Basically, there are 2 cases:

1 There was no one there to pay my toll, so I left like everyone else.

2 Saving again was a foolish mistake and I did not count my money correctly.

They told me that the local toll road cost $ 5.50 and they fined me $ 57.50. Therefore, the total amount due to me on 14/5/13 is $ 63.00. If I do not pay before 14/5/13, the total will be $ 105.5.

They gave me this option: Write an article and explain the situation to request an administrative inquiry. If I am not satisfied with the result, proceed with the hearing. If I'm still unhappy, go to community court.

What do you think I can do?

When you know you are innocent, write an article and explain why and tell the truth, then accept the results you will get. But if you're guilty, just pay $ 57.50 and you're done.

Arg! I'm so upset! I received the ticket for the trip in July by mail today (10/23/14) and the ticket date is 9/11/14. I live in Oregon. I read five posts and other information online. Too bad they now have an electronic toll booth (they don't even know I've been there) and then if you don't pay by the due date they send out threats of fines and new fees. I think the case is one week from the date of receipt). Tomorrow the policeman, Kalia! You should set up some booths for people from other states who are unaware of the disadvantages of your e-money. (I paid the toll, which I would have if there was a booth), but I also claim to clarify my situation. For the first time, they acquitted the culprit. Tell me! While he was defending Kalia, I had to add another issue. My son is a member of the Army Corps. If you don't know the term, then he is a naval doctor or a navy soldier, as long as it is right for him. He was on duty in Afghanistan when a company in South Kelly confiscated his car. He still had no worries because he was waiting for a higher post to send him. He left behind his twin brother, who had difficulty using the car in his absence. He had just gone inside with a friend, but all his belongings were in the car. In the trunk were some of my son's uniforms and other items. You do not intend to take ownership of any particular member. They not only snatched it but also sold it and everything it owned. I was not much impressed with Kalia.

I was fined $ 210 for not repaying the loan on time. The car was registered under a different name, so I did not receive this notice until a few weeks later. I don't remember stopping for anything. Many of us are familiar with ATMs. With Southern California's electronic toll booths, this is the only way to recover money from drivers we have overlooked. I called the toll road and they reduced it to $ 72. Oh thanks

You do not need to pay a penalty if the incident occurred less than 5 days ago. Tools only.

Don't pay these fees (just pay the toll!) ....

The same thing happened to me recently. I went to the website to pay and they asked me to pay the original toll (now $ 6.15 because one year after the original post). I got this advice when I called Hertz because I was sitting in a rental car when I bought the ticket. I found this tip interesting because the CA Tools review did not mention avoiding the $ 57.50 fee. (If I hadn't called Hertz earlier.)

It should be noted that while driving through this toll zone, I was ready to pay for spare parts, but there was no toll booth in the zone, so I was forced to go through the camera.

Help, for example

I have Yesay SR73 Catalina View South Line 12 and Catalina View North Lane 13 but I have never been there, know where or in which city?

I thought it was too late but don't pay the fine!

Online, waive your penalty if you specify that your cash points are no longer available.

And someone put pressure on RentACar too, didn't pay the rent, so call first. Maybe theft or fraud ... even though I've already paid the toll road bill.

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

Go to the page, it will be deleted for the first time.

The same thing happened to us, because we are from Minnesota, there is no toll, we only saw one and we paid, but for some reason they sent us this road violation ... ughhhh

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12

I was never there, they tried to get me back. I live 400 miles north of this place. Number of BS.

Sr73 Catalina View North Lane 12