SR-22/FR-44 definition is:

Literal Meanings of SR-22/FR-44


Meanings of SR:
  1. Steroid (s)

  2. Senior (by)

  3. Signatory.

  4. Sisters (in religious injunctions).

  5. Strontium chemical element.

  6. (In UK) Southern Railway

  7. Solid angle SI unit, equal to the angle in the center of a circle around which there is a surface whose area is equal to the square of the radius.

  8. Chemical element with atomic number 38, silver white soft metal from alkaline earth series.

Sentences of SR
  1. ET Curbs Sr.

  2. Mr. Agathe.


Meanings of FR:
  1. Honest (s)

  2. Father (with the help of pastors).

  3. The chemical element francium

  4. Chemical element with atomic number 87, radioactive member of alkali metal group. France is found naturally as a decomposing product in uranium and thorium metals.

Sentences of FR
  1. Buckley's father.