Definition of Square:

  1. An area measuring 24 miles by 24 miles. Also called a quadrangle.

Synonyms of Square

Babbitt, Little Joe, Methuselah, Middle American, Philistine, T square, Aboveboard, Absolutely, Accommodate, Accord, Accordant, Account with, Accurate, Accurately, Adapt, Adipose, Adjust, Agora, Agree, Agree with, Alike, Amortize, Anal, Anal character, Answer to, Antediluvian, Antique, Aplomb, Arena, Arrange, Assent, Assort with, At par, At right angles, Atone, Atone for, Au pair, Authentic, Back number, Back-number, Balance, Balanced, Banal, Bang, Be consistent, Be of one, Be uniform with, Beefy, Behind the times, Bewhiskered, Biquadrate, Bloated, Block, Blowzy, Bob, Bona fide, Bosomy, Bourgeois, Brawny, Bromidic, Burgher, Burly, Button-down, Buxom, Buy, Buy off, Campo, Cancel, Change, Check, Check out, Chime, Chubby, Chunky, Cincture, City block, Clean, Clear, Clear off, Clear the board, Clear up, Clos, Close, Cohere, Coincide, Come to terms, Commensurate, Common, Commonplace, Compensate, Comply with, Compulsive, Compulsive character, Concordant, Concur, Confine, Conform, Conform to, Conform with, Conformer, Conformist, Conservative, Consist with, Constant, Container, Conventional, Conventionalist, Coop, Cooperate, Coordinate, Corny, Corpulent, Correct, Correspond, Correspond to, Correspond with, Corresponding, Counteract, Counterbalance, Counterpoise, Countervail, Counterweigh, Court, Courtyard, Croft, Cube, Cube-shaped, Cubed, Cubic, Cubiform, Cuboid, Curtilage, Cut-and-dried, Dad, Dead, Decent, Defensible, Definitely, Delicate, Delimited field, Deserved, Dice, Diced, Die-hard, Direct, Directly, Discharge, Distended, Dodo, Dovetail, Drawn, Due, Dumpy, Elder, Enclave, Enclosure, Equal, Equalize, Equalized, Equate, Equilateral, Equiponderate, Equitable, Ethical, Even, Even stephen, Even the score, Even up, Evenhanded, Exact, Exactly, Expiate, Express, Expressly, Fade, Fair, Fair and square, Faithful, Faithfully, Fall in together, Familiar, Fat, Fattish, Field, Fifty-fifty, Filling, Fine, Fit, Fit in, Fit together, Fix, Fleshy, Flush, Fogy, Fold, Form fours, Formalist, Formalistic, Forty, Forum, Fossil, Four, Four-part diaphony, Foursome, Foursquare, Fud, Fuddy-duddy, Full, Fusty, Gee, Generous, Genuine, Get even with, Give satisfaction, Go together, Go with, Good, Good-faith, Granny, Green, Gross, Ground, Hackney, Hackneyed, Half-and-half, Hang together, Harmonious, Harmonize, Has-been, Have, Healthful, Healthy, Heavyset, Hefty, Hippy, Hit, Hold together, Honest, Honor, Honorable, Impartial, Impersonal, Imposing, In accord, In all respects, In every respect, In keeping, In line, In step, Indemnify, Inerrable, Inerrant, Infallible, Innocent, Integrate, Interlock, Intersect, Ipsissimis verbis, Jibe, Just, Justifiable, Justified, Kerplunk, Knotted, Kosher, Kraal, Lawful, Lead, Legal, Level, Lift, Like, Liquidate, List, Literally, Literatim, Live down, Lock, Longhair, Lot, Lubricate, Lusty, Make accounts square, Make amends, Make compensation, Make four, Make good, Make matters up, Make reparation, Make restitution, Make right, Make up for, Market, Market cross, Marketplace, Mart, Match, Mathematical, Matriarch, Meaty, Meet, Meet and right, Merited, Methodologist, Micrometrically precise, Microscopic, Mid-Victorian, Middle-class type, Model child, Modify, Mossback, Moth-eaten, Musty, Naive, Nerd, Nice, Nip and tuck, Nonpartisan, Not with it, Nutritious, Obese, Obey, Objective, Oblong, Offset, Old believer, Old crock, Old dodo, Old fogy, Old hat, Old liner, Old man, Old poop, Old woman, Old-fashioned, Old-timer, On a footing, On a level, On a par, On even ground, On the level, On the square, On the up-and-up, Open, Open and aboveboard, Organization man, Orthodox, Orthogonal, Out of it, Outsider, Overlap, Overweight, Pale, Paling, Par, Parallel, Parcel of land, Park, Parrot, Patch, Patch up, Patriarch, Paunchy, Pay, Pay back, Pay damages, Pay in full, Pay off, Pay old debts, Pay out, Pay the bill, Pay the forfeit, Pay the penalty, Pay the shot, Pay up, Pedant, Pedantic, Pen, Perfectionist, Perpendicularly, Piazza, Pinpoint, Place, Plastic, Plastic person, Plat, Platitudinous, Plaza, Plop, Plot, Plot of ground, Plumb, Plumb bob, Plumb line, Plumb rule, Plumb-line, Plummet, Plump, Plunk, Podgy, Point-blank, Poise, Pop, Pops, Portly, Positively, Potbellied, Precise, Precisely, Precisian, Precisianist, Precisianistic, Predictable, Proper, Propitiate, Proportion, Proportionate, Provincial, Pudgy, Puffy, Pursy, Quad, Quadrangle, Quadrangular, Quadrate, Quadratic, Quadrature, Quadrennium, Quadriform, Quadrilateral, Quadrille, Quadrinomial, Quadruplet, Quartet, Quatern, Quaternary, Quaternion, Quaternity, Quatrefoil, Quit, Quits, Reactionary, Real estate, Reckon with, Recompense, Reconcile, Rectangle, Rectangular, Redeem, Redress, Refined, Refund, Register, Register with, Regular old fogy, Reimburse, Relic, Religious, Religiously exact, Repair, Repay, Requite, Respond to, Retire, Rhombic, Rhomboid, Rialto, Right, Right and proper, Right-angled, Rightful, Rigid, Rigidly, Rigorous, Rigorously, Roly-poly, Rotund, Rule, Ruler, Satisfy, Satisfying, Scientific, Scientifically exact, Section, Set, Set off, Set square, Settle, Settle accounts with, Settle with, Settled, Severe, Sharp, Sheep, Sheer, Sheerly, Sing in chorus, Single-hearted, Smack, Smack-dab, Solid, Sop, Sort with, Spang, Square accounts, Square dance, Square it, Square things, Square up, Square with, Square-dealing, Square-shooting, Squarely, Squaring, Squat, Squatty, Stale, Stalemated, Stalwart, Stand together, Starets, Stereotyped, Stick-in-the-mud, Stiffen, Stock, Stocky, Stout, Straight, Straight-shooting, Straightedge, Straighten up, Straightforward, Strait-laced, Strapping, Strict, Strictly, Strike a balance, Stuffed shirt, Stuffy, Substantial, Subtle, Suit, Swollen, Tailor, Take up, Tally, Tally with, Tamper with, Teenybopper, Tense, Tetrad, Tetragon, Tetragonal, Tetragram, Tetragrammaton, Tetrahedral, Tetrahedron, Tetralogy, Tetraphony, Tetrapody, Theater, Thick-bodied, Thickset, Threadbare, Throw back, Tied, Timeworn, To the letter, Toft, Top-heavy, Tract, Traditionalist, Trapezohedral, Trapezoid, Triangle, Trimmer, Trite, True, Truistic, Try square, Tubby, Unbiased, Undeviating, Undeviatingly, Unerring, Unerringly, Unimaginative, Unoriginal, Unprejudiced, Unsophisticated, Unstinting, Up and down, Up-and-up, Upright, Uptight, Verbally, Verbatim, Verbatim et litteratim, Veritable, Village green, Warmed-over, Warrantable, Warranted, Well-fed, Well-known, Well-worn, Word by word, Word for word, Worn, Worn thin, Yard, Yes-man

Meaning of Square & Square Definition

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