Square Root Of 30

Square Root Of 30

Can you find the 30 square root for the nearest DREDTH? ۔

I don't know how to answer that. I want to know the answer. Please help me answer.


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On the next digger, that means only two point two places.

0.1 is the tenth.

0.01 in excavation.

In 0.001 thousand


The square root of 30 is 5.477225575.

So if you follow the five rules, it means that the answer is 5.48.

Number 8 is there because when you shorten a number you need to round it up. Since the letter s is followed by number 7, it must be rounded.

What helps, for example.

Use calculator:

Square (30) = 5.48

ˆÂš30   5.48.


Square Root Of 30