Square Root Of 288

Square Root Of 288

The easiest way to convert a square root of 288 into a mixture of s? ۔

what I have to do? I don't know if that's a key factor or something, but does it still work? I received a 3Ã-32 in response, not sure if it's in its simplest form.

To update

I don't know what you are talking about

To simplify 288, divide by 2:

288/2 = 144.

12 x 12 = 144

12à ˆš2, you can't do it in its simplest form because 2 is an important factor.

Or to get your answer in its simplest form:

3Ã 32.

32 = 16x2.

Going out

16 = 4x4,

12 ˆÂš2, because 288 is divided by 2, we get 144, so ˆÂš144 x 2. ˆà š144 = 12 is a number and ‚š2 12àˆÂšš2

OK ˆÂš288 = ˆÂš144x2 ... ˆÂš144 = 12 so ˆÂšš2 stays with 12ÃÂ

Square Root Of 288