Square Root Of 23

Square Root Of 23

Is the square root of 23 an irrational number? ۔

That is.

Irrational numbers

A number that cannot be expressed as a ratio of two numbers.

Note: The square root of most numbers is an irrational number.

Yes. Every positive number that is not a perfect square has an irrational number as its square root.

Yes. Understand logically, then square (23) = a / b, where a, b are numbers and 23 = a 2 / b 2. Therefore, a 2 = 23b 2.

Now square (a 2) = a = number, and square (23b 2) = number. Square root (23b 2) = b * Square root (23) sqrt (23) is not a number, so the original option is invalid. Sqrt (23) is irrational there.

Of course.


Will be written as

A number between 4 and 5

Square Root Of 23