Sprinkler Leakage Coverage

Sprinkler Leakage Coverage,

What is The Meaning of Sprinkler Leakage Coverage?

  1. Meaning of Sprinkler Leakage Coverage: Protection from material damage (PD) caused by accidental release or leakage of water or other substances from the automatic spraying system. This coverage is included in most home insurance policies.

  2. Protection of property from accidental drains or water leaks from automatic sprinkler systems or other fire protection devices

Literal Meanings of Sprinkler Leakage Coverage


Meanings of Sprinkler:
  1. A device that sprays water.

Sentences of Sprinkler
  1. After the market, there is a water spray to wash the streets.

Synonyms of Sprinkler

atomizer, vaporizer, aerosol, sprinkler


Meanings of Leakage:
  1. Accidental entry or discharge of liquids or gases through holes or cracks.

Sentences of Leakage
  1. Save water by reducing leaks

Synonyms of Leakage



Meanings of Coverage:
  1. To the extent that something refers to something else or applies to something else.