Definition of Spreadsheet:

  1. Computing: Software that allows entry of numeric data in rows and columns to facilitates its analysis and manipulation with mathematical formulas, and presentation as charts and graphs. Visicalc was the first desktop computer spreadsheet, published in late 1970s to run on Apple II.

  2. An electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

  3. Accounting: Tabular worksheet with numbered rows and columns for ordered analysis and presentation of financial (numeric) data.

How to use Spreadsheet in a sentence?

  1. Alexander created a spreadsheet that compared the total costs and benefits to the company of creating a company-wide softball league and was able to prove the increased activity level and employee bonding was more valuable than the money saved by not having a league.
  2. We have a color-coded Excel spreadsheet of all of our trip expenses.
  3. This is one of the easiest spreadsheet programs I have ever worked with; all of the other as have been so complicated to use.
  4. You need to know what all of the data on the spreadsheet represents so that you can react to it accordingly.

Meaning of Spreadsheet & Spreadsheet Definition

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How Do You Define Spreadsheet?

You can define Spreadsheet as, A program for entering, calculating, and storing financial or numerical data on a computer.

Spreadsheet means, Accounting or accounting applications for use on computers.

Meanings of Spreadsheet

  1. An electronic document that organizes data into grid rows and columns and can be manipulated and used in calculations.

Sentences of Spreadsheet

  1. We have a color coded Excel spreadsheet with all our travel expenses.