Spray Painting

On site spray painting is a technique used for applying paint to provide ultimate finish to any commercial or residential building. It not only enhances the façade of the property but also recreates the roof sheets, interiors and window frames. On site spray painting provides a faster and economical way of applying high-quality paint coatings to a broader surface.

Whether you have opted to re-decor tired building/office or planning to paint a new building/shop, spraying is an effective and economical way to improve the appearance of a commercial building.

Let us understand how spraying can change the appearance of different elements of the building.

  • Ceiling
    On site spray painting is a great way to improve the impression of a suspended ceiling without changing the existing tile into new.

  • Shop Front
    Shopfronts are exposed to sun, water and other elements of the season due to which it may get fade, and show the signs of wear and tear. Re-spray can help you to reverse the effect of weather and wear and tear. Spray paint imparts a wonderful texture to the shop front.

  • Windows and Doors
    Doors and windows within the commercial building are used constantly and therefore suffer a lot of damage, wear and tear and dents.

  • Curtain walls
    Including curtain walls in a commercial building design have become popular nowadays. It instantly gives a unique character and aesthetic appeal to the building. Aluminium has good thermal efficiency, hence it is one of the most popularly used curtain wall material for commercial buildings.

  • Rooftop
    Rooftops are the most exposed to weather and hence degrade quickly. Re-coating is an ideal way to restore the appearance and strength of the rooftop, thus preventing roof degradation. Spray painting guns provide adequate coverage efficiently and cost-effectively.

Things to be taken care of when spray painting?

  • Selection of paint and primers should be according to project requirements. There are different types of paints available in the market, such as rust-preventive paint, general-purpose spray paint, enamel paint for glass spraying and much more. Each has its benefits and is used accordingly.
  • Work in a well-ventilated area for direct sunlight. Also, make sure that the day is not too windy. It will help prevent paint from sticking dirt and dust.
  • While spraying, cover up the areas which you do not want to paint. Use a newspaper or plastic to cover nearby areas.
  • One should cover themselves with gloves and mask while painting, as chemicals and toxins present in the paint, may harm you.
  • Before spraying the paint, clean the surface using sandpaper to avoid unnecessary bumps and imperfections. It will help you to get smooth coverage.
  • It is advisable to coat the surface with primer and let it dry before applying paint. It will help spray paint spread evenly at one go and provide complete coverage.

Final Thoughts

ARS is a well known cleaning and restoration service provider with expertise in on site spray painting. They are skilled professionals offering quality service and they ensure that the property looks its best, enhancing its corporate image.