Definition of Spot:

  1. Broadcasting: Time slot earmarked for a specific commercial or message.

  2. A small round or roundish mark, differing in color or texture from the surface around it.

  3. A bar or other drinking establishment (usually in a private home in a township) that operates without an official permit.

  4. Denoting a system of trading in which commodities or currencies are delivered and paid for immediately after a sale.

  5. A banknote of a specified value.

  6. Mark with spots.

  7. Short for spotlight.

  8. Trading: Immediate delivery against cash payment, as opposed to future delivery against cash or credit payment.

  9. A small amount of something.

  10. See, notice, or recognize (someone or something) that is difficult to detect or that one is searching for.

  11. Place (a billiard ball or football) on its designated starting point.

  12. Give or lend (money) to (someone).

  13. A particular place or point.

Synonyms of Spot

CRT spot, DM display, Doppler signal, IF signal, IM display, RF echoes, Abode, Ace, Acne, Aimless, Allocate, Appointment, Arc, Arc light, Area, Ascertain, Aspersion, Assign, Atom, Attaint, Badge of infamy, Band, Bar, Bar sinister, Baton, Beam, Bearings, Beat signal, Bedabble, Bedaub, Behold, Bench mark, Bend sinister, Berth, Besmear, Besmirch, Besmutch, Besoil, Bespangle, Bespatter, Bespeckle, Bespot, Besprinkle, Billet, Bind, Birthmark, Bit, Bite, Black, Black eye, Black mark, Blacken, Blaze, Blaze a trail, Blemish, Blips, Bloodstain, Blot, Blotch, Blur, Boils, Bounces, Box, Brand, Bread, Broad arrow, Case, Caste mark, Catch, Catch sight of, Censure, Chalk up, Champain, Check, Check off, Checker, Checkmark, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Circumstance, Clap eyes on, Clutch, Collocate, Color filter, Commercial, Commercial announcement, Complication, Condition, Connection, Corner, Crumb, Crunch, Cut, Dab, Dabble, Dapple, Dappledness, Dappleness, Dash, Daub, Define, Delimit, Demarcate, Deploy, Descry, Designless, Detect, Determinate, Diagnose, Dilemma, Dimmer, Dirty, Discern, Discolor, Discoloration, Discover, Disparagement, Display, Dispose, Distinguish, District, Dole, Dollop, Dot, Dottedness, Double-dot display, Draft, Dram, Dredge, Drench, Dribble, Driblet, Drink, Drop, Dust, Dwarf, Earmark, Echo, Echo signal, Embarrassing position, Embarrassment, Emplace, Emplacement, Encounter, Engrave, Engraving, Eruptions, Espy, Estate, Eyesore, Farthing, Fine how-do-you-do, Finger, Fix, Flake, Fleck, Flick, Floats, Flood, Floodlight, Flour, Flyspeck, Footing, Footlights, Foots, Fragment, Freckle, Freckliness, Gargle, Gash, Gelatin, Get a fix, Glimpse, Gobbet, Grain, Granule, Graving, Groat, Guzzle, Hack, Hair, Handful, Haphazard, Harlequin, Hatch, Have, Have in sight, Hell to pay, Hit, Hit-or-miss, Hobble, Hole, Home in on, Home on, Hot water, How-do-you-do, Identify, Imbroglio, Impress, Imprint, Imputation, Install, Intersperse, Iota, Iris, Irregular, Jam, Jigger, Jolt, Jot, Ken, Klieg light, Know, Know again, Latitude and longitude, Lay eyes on, Lentigo, Libation, Lieu, Light plot, Lights, Limelight, Line, Little, Little bit, Lob, Local oscillator signal, Locale, Locality, Localize, Locate, Location, Locus, Look on, Look upon, Lot, Lota, Macula, Maculate, Maculation, Macule, Make a mark, Make out, Map, Marble, Marbleize, Mark, Mark of Cain, Mark off, Mark out, Marking, Marquee, Medium, Meet with, Mess, Minim, Minimum, Minutiae, Mite, Mix, Modality, Mode, Modicum, Mole, Molecule, Morass, Morsel, Mote, Motley, Mottle, Mottledness, Nail, Navigate, Nevus, Nick, Nip, Notch, Notice, Nutshell, Observe, Odium, Office, Onus, Ounce, Output signal, Parlous straits, Particle, Pass, Patch, Pebble, Peg, Pencil, Pepper, Perceive, Pick out, Pick up, Pickle, Picture, Pillorying, Pimple, Pin down, Pinch, Pinpoint, Pips, Pittance, Place, Placement, Plight, Plug, Point, Point champain, Pointillage, Pointillism, Polka dot, Polychrome, Polychromize, Position, Post, Posture, Potation, Potion, Powder, Predicament, Pretty pass, Pretty pickle, Pretty predicament, Prick, Print, Pull, Punch, Punctuate, Puncture, Put in place, Quagmire, Quandary, Quarter, Quicksand, Radar signal, Rainbow, Rank, Reading, Realize, Recall knowledge of, Receive, Recognize, Reflection, Region, Reidentify, Reprimand, Reproach, Return, Return signal, Riddle, Round, Round of drinks, Scan, Scar, Scarification, Scarify, Scene, Score, Scotch, Scrape, Scratch, Scratching, Scruple, Seal, Seam, Section, Sector, See, Sense, Setting, Shot, Sight, Signal, Signal display, Single out, Sip, Site, Situate, Situation, Situs, Slapdash, Slough, Slubber, Slug, Slur, Smear, Smidgen, Smidgin, Smirch, Smitch, Smouch, Smudge, Smut, Smutch, Snifter, Snort, Soil, Soilage, Soilure, Spangle, Spatter, Speck, Speckle, Speckliness, Splash, Splatter, Splotch, Spoonful, Spot announcement, Spotlight, Spots, Spottedness, Spottiness, Spray, Sprinkle, Spy, Squeeze, Stain, Stamp, Standing, State, Station, Status, Stead, Stew, Sticky wicket, Stigma, Stigmatism, Stigmatization, Stigmatize, Stipple, Stippledness, Stippling, Strait, Straits, Strawberry mark, Streak, Striate, Stripe, Stud, Suck, Sully, Sup, Swamp, Sweep, Swig, Swill, Taint, Take in, Target image, Tarnish, Tattoo, Tattoo mark, Tell, Tessellate, Thimbleful, Tick, Tick off, Tight spot, Tight squeeze, Tightrope, Tiny bit, Tittle, Tot, Trace, Transmitter signal, Triangulate, Tricky spot, Trifling amount, Trigger, Trivia, Tune in, Turn up, Twig, Unconsidered, Underline, Underscore, Unholy mess, Unplanned, Variegate, Vein, Video signal, View, Watermark, Wet, Where, Whereabout, Whereabouts, Whit, Witness, Zero in on, Place, Location, Site, Position, Point, Situation, Scene, Setting, Locale, Locality, Area, Neighbourhood, Region, Mark, Patch, Pop, Dot, Speck, Speckle, Fleck, Smudge, Smear, Stain, Blotch, Blot, Splash, Daub, Stain, Mark, Fleck, Speckle, Blotch, Mottle, Smudge, Streak, Splash, Spatter, Bespatter, Bit, Little, Some, Small amount, Morsel, Modicum, Bite, Notice, See, Observe, Discern, Detect, Perceive, Make out, Pick out, Distinguish, Recognize, Identify, Locate

How to use Spot in a sentence?

  1. Andrew spotted the ad in the paper.
  2. Ladybugs have black spots on their red wing covers.
  3. A nice secluded spot.
  4. Trading in the spot markets.

Meaning of Spot & Spot Definition

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