• Definition of Spoofing: Identity theft is a form of fraud in which criminals try to obtain personal information from someone who impersonates a company, neighbor, or other legitimate innocent party.

    • Identity theft, which causes you to disclose personal information, can also be by email, SMS, caller ID, or GPS receiver.
    • Complain of requests for personal information, download files from trusted sources and install anti-virus software.
    • If you believe you have been deceived, file a complaint with the FCC's Consumer Complaints Center about the loss of money. Please also contact the local police.

Meanings of Spoofing

  1. Imitation of a funny thing, usually a particular movie or movie genre, whose features are exaggerated for its humorous effects.

  2. The joke nailed someone like a joke.

  3. Imitate (something) by exaggerating your signature for a humorous effect.

  4. Cheating or deception (someone)

Synonyms of Spoofing

skit, game, catch out, mislead, take off, burlesque, gull, beguile, take in, outmanoeuvre, trick, cheat, defraud, parody, deceive, bamboozle, swindle, fool, hoax, dupe, make fun of, delude, hoodwink, joke, pastiche, imitation, double-cross, take-off