Definition of Sponsor:

  1. A person who introduces and supports a proposal for legislation.

  2. An individual or organization that pays some or all of the costs involved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return for advertising.

  3. A sponsor can be a range of providers and entities supporting the goals and objectives of an individual or company. Sponsors invest in private companies, create demand for publicly traded securities, underwrite mutual fund shares for public offerings, issue exchange-traded funds, offer platforms for benefits, and more.

  4. General partner who organizes and promotes a general partnership or limited partnership.

  5. A sponsor can provide a wide range of services and support within the financial industry.

  6. Advertiser who pays (in part or in full) the cost of broadcasting a radio or television program, by running commercials during the programs broadcast.

  7. Donor firm that underwrites a part or whole of the expense of staging a public event through contributions in cash or kind, and is allowed to display advertising banners or to otherwise promote itself or its products during the sponsored event.

  8. Individual or entity who organizes and is committed to the development of a product, program, or project.

  9. Provide funds for (a project or activity or the person carrying it out).

  10. Introduce and support (a proposal) in a legislative assembly.

Synonyms of Sponsor

Finance, Put up the money for, Fund, Subsidize, Underwrite, Back, Promote, Lend ones name to, Be a patron of, Act as guarantor of, Support, Sponsor, Backer, Financier, Subsidizer, Underwriter, Guarantor, Benefactor, Benefactress, Contributor, Subscriber, Donor, Maecenas, Abettor, Accept the responsibility, Admirer, Advocate, Aficionado, Angel, Answer for, Apologist, Assure, Attest, Back, Backer, Bailsman, Bankroll, Be sponsor for, Benefactor, Bond, Bondsman, Buff, Capitalize, Certify, Champion, Confirm, Countersecure, Defender, Dependence, Encourager, Endorse, Endorser, Ensure, Exponent, Fan, Favorer, Finance, Financer, Friend at court, Fund, Funder, Godfather, Godparent, Grubstake, Grubstaker, Guarantee, Guarantor, Guaranty, Insure, Insurer, Lover, Mainpernor, Mainstay, Maintainer, Meal ticket, Mortgagor, Paranymph, Partisan, Patron, Patronize, Pay for, Promote, Promoter, Protagonist, Provide for, Refinance, Reliance, Second, Seconder, Sectary, Secure, Set up, Sider, Sign, Sign for, Stake, Staker, Stalwart, Stand behind, Stand sponsor for, Stand up for, Standby, Subscribe to, Subsidize, Subsidizer, Support, Supporter, Surety, Sustainer, Sympathizer, Take the blame, Take up, Undersign, Underwrite, Underwriter, Upholder, Votary, Warrant, Warrantor, Well-wisher

How to use Sponsor in a sentence?

  1. The production cost $50,000, most coming from local sponsors.
  2. This support can include providing underwriting for a stock, mutual fund, or exchange-traded fund offering.
  3. If you cant come up with all the money you need for a new venture you can look for a sponsor that can help you get the rest.
  4. A leading sponsor of the bill.
  5. Senator Hardin sponsored the bill.
  6. Joe is being sponsored by his church.
  7. Sponsors are corporate entities that provide support within the financial services industry.
  8. The baseball team has a new sponsor this year, and they seem so much more involved and enthusiastic than the old sponsor .
  9. Another type of sponsor is an employer that provides benefits for its employees. These plan sponsors can act as fiduciaries and do the legal and administrative work necessary to provide plans to participants.
  10. In my Alcoholics Anonymous class, I would require a sponsor that would make sure I stayed true to the program and didnt give up.

Meaning of Sponsor & Sponsor Definition