Definition of Spoliation:

  1. The action of ruining or destroying something.

  2. Intentional alteration, concealment, destruction, or mutilation of an evidence, specially a document, to make it invalid or unusable. A conviction of spoliation generally establishes that the evidence was unfavorable to the convicted party.

  3. The action of taking goods or property from somewhere by illegal or unethical means.

Synonyms of Spoliation

Decay, Degradation, Degeneration, Breakdown, Decomposition, Rot, Putrefaction, Spoliation, Perishing, Robbery, Robbing, Raiding, Pillaging, Plunder, Plundering, Looting, Sacking, Sack, Ransacking, Ravaging, Laying waste, Devastation, Depredation, Rape, Harrying, Marauding, Banditry, Bereavement, Bloodbath, Blue ruin, Breakup, Brigandage, Brigandism, Carnage, Consumption, Cost, Damage, Damnation, Dead loss, Debit, Decimation, Denial, Denudation, Depredation, Deprivation, Desolation, Despoiling, Despoilment, Despoliation, Destruction, Detriment, Devastation, Direption, Disintegration, Disorganization, Dispossession, Disruption, Dissolution, Divestment, Expense, Foraging, Foray, Forfeit, Forfeiture, Freebooting, Havoc, Hecatomb, Holocaust, Injury, Looting, Loser, Losing, Losing streak, Loss, Marauding, Perdition, Pillage, Pillaging, Plunder, Plundering, Privation, Raid, Raiding, Ransacking, Rape, Rapine, Ravage, Ravagement, Ravaging, Ravishment, Razzia, Reiving, Rifling, Robbery, Ruin, Ruination, Sack, Sacking, Sacrifice, Shambles, Slaughter, Spoiling, Stripping, Taking away, Total loss, Undoing, Vandalism, Waste, Wrack, Wrack and ruin, Wreck

How to use Spoliation in a sentence?

  1. The spoliation of the countryside.
  2. The spoliation of the Church.

Meaning of Spoliation & Spoliation Definition