Definition of Spokesperson:

  1. A spokesman or spokeswoman (used as a neutral alternative).

  2. Celebrity or a well known and respected individual who serves as a regular advocate of a cause or product and, over time, whose name becomes associated with the advocated item.

Synonyms of Spokesperson

Second in command, Second, Number two, Subordinate, Junior, Auxiliary, Adjutant, Lieutenant, Subaltern, Assistant, Personal assistant, PA, Aide, Helper, Right-hand man, Henchman, Underling

How to use Spokesperson in a sentence?

  1. He was the spokesperson for the Magic Cloth and made everyone in the store want to buy his really great item.
  2. You should have a highly reputable spokesperson for your product so that people believe the message you are putting out.
  3. A spokesperson for the Scottish Office.
  4. You should always try to have a quality spokesperson as the figurehead of your company that others will always trust implicitly.

Meaning of Spokesperson & Spokesperson Definition

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