Definition of Spoilage:

  1. Waste produced by material being spoiled, especially paper that is spoiled in printing.

  2. See breakage.

  3. The action of spoiling, especially the deterioration of food and perishable goods.

Synonyms of Spoilage

Biodegradability, Biodegradation, Breakup, Caries, Carrion, Corrosion, Corruption, Decay, Decomposition, Degradability, Degradation, Dilapidation, Disintegration, Disorganization, Dissolution, Dry rot, Foulness, Gangrene, Mildew, Mold, Mortification, Necrosis, Oxidation, Oxidization, Putrefaction, Putrescence, Putridity, Putridness, Rancidity, Rancidness, Rankness, Resolution, Rot, Rottenness, Rust, Slough, Sphacelation, Sphacelus, Tooth decay, Debris, Waste, Waste matter, Discarded matter, Refuse, Litter, Scrap, Flotsam and jetsam, Lumber, Rubble, Wreckage, Decay, Rotting, Going bad, Putrefaction, Putrescence, Putridity, Festering, Spoilage, Perishing

How to use Spoilage in a sentence?

  1. The job is generally done on the last or second-to-last day of setup to avoid smelly food spoilage.

Meaning of Spoilage & Spoilage Definition