Splunk Competitors

Splunk Competitors

Who is Splunk’s biggest competitor?

Top 10 competitors of all Splunk competitors are BMC, Micro Focus, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, VMware, ServiceNow, OpenText, CA and Elastic.

Who are Datadog’s competitors?

The top 10 competitors in Datadog’s competition set are Apptio, Stackdriver, Sysdig, Sumo Logic, Panopta, Cloudyn, New Relic, Rocana, SignalFx, and Circonus.

Also, why is Splunk so expensive?

Cause 2: Splunk is expensive Splunk is a tool in its own right and pricing is based on the amount of data you get in Splunk. This means that the more data you use, the more it costs you. This is diametrically opposed to the way computer scientists think.

How good is Splunk?

Splunk is a great tool for data analysis and most importantly, for log monitoring. You can enter a large amount of raw data and do it very quickly, then you can search for the data using the search language. Splunk is packed with documentation to make your job easier.

What area is Splunk in?

The company provides cloud and electronic services, education, financial services, government, healthcare / pharmaceutical, industry / manufacturing, media / entertainment, retail / e-commerce, technology and telecommunications. Splunk Inc. was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Who Uses Datadog?

Who Uses Datadog?

747 companies are said to use Datadog in their technology stacks, including Airbnb, Facebook, and Spotify. 1,630 StackShare developers reported using Datadog.

How much does Datadog cost?

Datadog Cloud Monitoring Pricing Overview

Is Datadog Open Source?

Technology. Datadog uses a Go-based agent that has been rewritten from scratch since major version 6.0. The backend is built using a variety of open and closed source technologies including D3, Apache Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, etc.

When was Datadog founded?


Who are AppDynamics’ competitors?

How does Splunk get there so fast?

Why is Splunk fast?

The simple answer is parallel processing via MapReduce methods. In this part we will first focus on the parallel processing aspect, the first step in MapReduce. Splunk has the ability to find it and break it down into smaller pieces to get the answer faster.

Why is Splunk so popular?

Splunk is so successful due to the benefits it offers to big data analytics and the capabilities that clearly make Splunk one of the most powerful tools among many. Splunk can be configured to issue alerts / events when starting a machine state.

Why do people use Splunk?

Splunk is software primarily used to find, monitor and study machine-generated big data through a web interface. Splunk performs real-time data logging, indexing, and correlation in a searchable container that can be used to create charts, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations.

How does Splunk pricing work?

How does Splunk’s pricing model work?

The price of Splunk Enterprise software is based on the amount of data indexed daily by your Splunk instance, calculated in GB per day. You can purchase any index volume from 1GB / day to several terabytes of data per day. Splunk Enterprise pricing includes built-in volume discounts.

What can Splunk’s screen do?

How much does Splunk cost?

Splunk’s website lists a price of $ 1,150 per GB for a 15GB annual license including maintenance. Divided by 1,000 users, this equates to $ 17.25 per user per year. Compare that number to the cost of virtually any SaaS application (such as Salesforce or GoToMeeting) which costs multiple times per user per month.

Who started Splunk?

Is Michael Baum

Splunk free?

Splunk Free is the completely free version of Splunk software. The free license allows you to index up to 500MB per day and never expires. The 500MB limit refers to the amount of new data you can add per day (we call this indexing). However, you can add data every day and save as much as you want.

Is Splunk a good place to work?

Splunk is a great place to work with great management and an innovative environment. Splunk takes care of its employees and ensures a good work-life balance. The Splunk family is growing up with you and before you know it you need to remember to go home. Pleasant office environment.

Is Splunk open source?

How much does Splunk Phantom cost?

Pricing is available as a perpetual or annual license, based on maximum daily data usage, starting at $ 2,000 / year for 1GB / day. Splunk Cloud is available for a monthly or annual subscription.

How does the Splunk cloud work?

Splunk Competitors