Definition of Split:

  1. A lack of agreement.

  2. An act of dividing up.

Synonyms of Split

Ablate, Abrupt, Absquatulate, Abysm, Abyss, Aggravated, Agree to disagree, Alienate, Alienation, Allot, Amputate, Aperture, Apportion, Arroyo, Assessable stock, Atomize, Authorized capital stock, Ax, Be in stitches, Beat it, Bifurcate, Bifurcated, Birthmark, Bisect, Bisected, Blackhead, Bleb, Blemish, Blemished, Blister, Blow, Blue chip, Blue chip stock, Borrowed stock, Box canyon, Branch, Branched, Branching, Breach, Breach of friendship, Break, Break in, Break into, Break open, Break through, Break to pieces, Break up, Break with, Breakage, Broach, Broaching, Broken, Bulla, Burned, Burst, Burst in, Burst into laughter, Burst out, Burst out laughing, Burst with laughter, Bust, Bust a gut, Bust in, Busted, Butcher, By two, Cachinnate, Cackle, Canyon, Capital stock, Carve, Carve up, Cast off, Cast out, Cave in, Cavity, Channel, Chap, Chasm, Check, Checked, Chimney, Chink, Chinky, Chip, Chipped, Chop, Chortle, Chuckle, Cicatrix, Cicatrize, Cicatrized, Clearing, Cleavage, Cleave, Cleft, Cleuch, Clough, Cloven, Col, Come apart, Come unstuck, Comedo, Common stock, Consume, Convertible preferred stock, Corporate stock, Corrode, Coulee, Couloir, Crack, Crack up, Cracked, Cranny, Crater, Craze, Crazed, Crevasse, Crevice, Cross, Crow, Crumble, Crumble into dust, Cumulative preferred stock, Cut, Cut adrift, Cut apart, Cut away, Cut in two, Cut off, Cut open, Cut out, Cut up, Cwm, Cyclical stock, Damaged, Deal out, Decamp, Decay, Decompose, Deface, Defaced, Defacement, Defect, Defective, Defensive stock, Deferred stock, Defile, Deform, Deformation, Deformed, Deformity, Dehiscent, Delete, Dell, Demolish, Depart, Detach, Deteriorated, Dichotomize, Dichotomous, Dichotomy, Dike, Dimidiate, Disaffection, Disarticulate, Disassemble, Disclosure, Disconnect, Discord, Disengage, Disfavor, Disfiguration, Disfigure, Disfigured, Disfigurement, Disintegrate, Disjoin, Disjoint, Dismantle, Disorganize, Dispart, Disruption, Dissect, Dissever, Dissociate, Dissolve, Distort, Distorted, Distortion, Distribute, District, Disunion, Disunite, Disunity, Ditch, Divaricate, Diverge, Divergence, Divide, Divide into shares, Divide up, Divide with, Divided, Dividedness, Division, Divorce, Divvy, Divvy up, Dog it, Dole out, Donga, Double-cross, Draw, Duck and run, Duck out, Eighth stock, Eject, Embittered, Equities, Equity, Equity security, Erode, Estrange, Estrangement, Exacerbated, Excavation, Excise, Exfoliate, Expel, Fall out, Fall to pieces, Falling-out, Fancies, Fault, Faulty, Fenestra, Fission, Fissure, Fissured, Fissury, Fistula, Flaw, Flawed, Floating stock, Flume, Fly open, Fontanel, Foramen, Force open, Fork, Forked, Forking, Fracture, Fractured, Fragment, Freckle, Furrow, Gap, Gape, Gaping, Gappy, Gash, Gat, Giggle, Give away, Give way, Glamour issue, Go, Go into convulsions, Go separate ways, Gorge, Groove, Growth stock, Guaranteed stock, Guffaw, Gulch, Gulf, Gully, Ha-ha, Hack, Halve, Halved, Harmed, Have a falling-out, Hee-haw, Hee-hee, Hemangioma, Hew, Hiatus, Hickey, High-flier, Ho-ho, Hole, Hollow, Horselaugh, Hot issue, Hurt, Hypothecated stock, Impaired, Imperfect, In bits, In half, In pieces, In shards, In shreds, Inactive stock, Incise, Incision, Income stock, Injured, Inlet, Interval, Irritated, Isolate, Issued capital stock, Jigsaw, Joint, Keloid, Keloidal, Kink, Kinked, Kloof, Lacerate, Lacerated, Lacuna, Lam, Lance, Laugh, Laugh it up, Laugh outright, Lay open, Laying open, Leak, Leave, Lentigo, Letter stock, Loaned stock, Long stock, Make mincemeat of, Make off, Mangled, Mar, Marred, Mash, Milium, Moat, Molder, Mole, Mutilated, Nearly die laughing, Needle scar, Nevus, Nonassessable stock, Nonvoting stock, Notch, Nullah, Ope, Open, Open rupture, Open up, Opening, Opening up, Ordinary shares, Orifice, Outlet, Pale blue chip, Parcel, Parcel out, Pare, Part, Part company, Participating preferred stock, Partition, Pass, Passage, Passageway, Penny stock, Pick to pieces, Pimple, Pimpled, Pimply, Pit, Pock, Pockmark, Pore, Port-wine mark, Port-wine stain, Portion, Powder, Preference stock, Preferred stock, Prize open, Protective stock, Prune, Pull apart, Pull away, Pull back, Pull in pieces, Pull out, Pull to pieces, Pulverize, Pustule, Quarter stock, Quartered, Ragged, Rails, Ramified, Ramify, Ravine, Recall of ambassadors, Reduce to rubble, Rend, Rent, Reverse split, Rift, Rime, Rimose, Rimulose, Rip, Rive, Riven, Roar, Roar with laughter, Rupture, Ruptured, Saw, Scab, Scabbed, Scabby, Scalded, Scale, Scar, Scarified, Scarify, Scarred, Schism, Scissor, Scissure, Scorched, Scram, Scratch, Seam, Seasoned stock, Sebaceous cyst, Section, Segment, Segregate, Sell, Sell out, Separate, Separated, Separation, Sequester, Set apart, Set aside, Sever, Severed, Shake like jelly, Shake with laughter, Share, Share ledger, Share out, Share with, Shares, Shatter, Shattered, Short stock, Shout, Shredded, Shriek, Shut off, Skedaddle, Skin out, Skip, Skip out, Slash, Slashed, Slice, Slice the pie, Slice up, Slit, Slot, Smashed, Snap, Snicker, Snigger, Snip, Snort, Space, Special situation stock, Specialty stock, Speculative stock, Splinter, Splintered, Split in two, Split open, Split up, Split with laughter, Spread, Spread out, Spring a leak, Spring open, Sprung, Stand aloof, Stand apart, Stand aside, Standard stock, Start, Steels, Step aside, Stock, Stock ledger, Stock list, Stock split, Stocks, Stoma, Stove in, Strawberry mark, Sty, Subdivide, Subtract, Sulcus, Sunder, Swing open, Take a powder, Take apart, Take off, Tap, Tattered, Tear, Tear apart, Tear open, Tear to pieces, Tear to shreds, Tear to tatters, Tee-hee, Ten-share unit stock, The worse for, Throw off, Throw open, Throw out, Throwing open, Titter, Torn, Total, Track, Transect, Treasury stock, Trench, Twist, Twisted, Unbuild, Uncorking, Uncouple, Undo, Unissued capital stock, Unmake, Unstopping, Unyoke, Utilities, Valley, Vamoose, Verruca, Vesicle, Void, Voting stock, Wadi, Wale, Warp, Warped, Wart, Waste away, Weakened, Weal, Wear away, Welt, Wen, Whitehead, Whittle, Withdraw, Worse, Worse off, Worsened, Wrack up, Wreck, Yawn, Yuk-yuk, Zone

Meaning of Split & Split Definition