What is Split-up?

  • Split-up refers to In the event of a spin-off, in the event of a company injury, the parent shareholders surrender all their shares and, in return, receive new shares from the subsidiary or company already included in the distribution.

Literal Meanings of Split-up


Meanings of Split:
  1. Shredding or forcibly splitting, especially in the middle or towards the veins.

  2. Remove or remove from breaking, cracking or splitting.

  3. Divide or divide into parts or elements.

  4. Sharing and sharing (things, especially resources or responsibilities)

  5. Reason for visa (atom)

  6. Issuance of new shares (shares) to existing shareholders in respect of their existing holdings.

  7. (A group of people) is divided into two or more groups.

  8. End an emotional or professional marriage or relationship.

  9. (A group) is divided because of a conflicting view of (an issue).

  10. It hurts a lot.

  11. Share a secret or tell someone.

  12. Especially when all of a sudden you go away.

  13. Cracks, fissures or cracks in something, especially in the middle or in the grain

  14. An example or act of dividing or dividing a division.

  15. Separation is divided into parties or parties.

  16. End of marriage or emotional or professional relationship.

Sentences of Split
  1. Divide and bake muffins

  2. Damage to arches, tears with cables, broken joints, quiet and wooden substrate floors and insects are common.

  3. The wooden barrel was half-protected and the barrel itself was very rusty.

  4. Depressed minerals break or break with the ship.

  5. I opened my cookie package and broke it in half.

  6. After a reasonable amount of processing time, the fruit is removed from the plant, placed on ice, and divided into layers.

  7. Make sure the plant responds first to the distribution, not just that. Herbal peonies are a great example.

  8. Small berries are also generally less susceptible to obstruction and compression inside the bundle and are therefore less likely to split or deteriorate due to fungal or bacterial diseases.

  9. Some of the wheat was open, the pearls were falling in the hot sun.

  10. The statue began to split in the middle.

Synonyms of Split

break camp, hew, breach, divide in two, apportion, parting, part, tormenting, absent oneself, severe, intense, rent, grievous, acute, chop, take oneself off, break-up, divide, distribute, sell out, disunite, take one's leave, estrangement, crevice


Meanings of Up:
  1. Tour

  2. (From the sun) visible in the sky after sunrise.

  3. An expression of movement in a northward direction or position.

  4. Towards a place that understands high places.

  5. It is used as a command for a soldier or animal to stand up and be ready to move or attack.

  6. Stomach upset (from food eaten)

  7. More or less on price, price or rating.

  8. Make a difference or make a profit.

  9. At the university or especially at Oxford or Cambridge.

  10. Executed or closed.

  11. Posted on a bulletin board or other public website

  12. (Navigating) against current or wind.

  13. (By the shaker of the ship) so that the rebellion may rise.

  14. On killing

Sentences of Up
  1. Two men were arrested

  2. The curtains opened

  3. Tell us what it feels like to be on this podium while this crazy crowd cheers you on.

  4. He put the phone to his ear.

  5. It's great to be on the podium.

  6. In general, the biggest cost of a satellite is its installation.

  7. Fortunately, the navigation device broke and fell into the sea before I could enter.

  8. How do you imagine playing these songs on stage?

  9. It's great to be on stage and people support me!

Synonyms of Up

upward, light up, become light, become brighter, knowledgeable about, elevate, enlarge, lighten, clear up, in touch with, brighten up, in two, raise, expand, become bright, become sunny, aware of, break, uphill, conversant with, augment, inflate, au courant with, to the top, swell, familiar with, make greater, up, up to speed on