Split Ops Army

Split Ops Army

Failure of APFT as a reserve roster in the division? 3

Hey, I signed up at 17 and lost about 40 pounds thanks to BCT. The funny thing is, when I got back, I felt stronger, but I also felt weaker than before. To test. In fact, basically, for whatever reason, I could at least do it, with the exception of the PT test run (aka 50 points), where I actually won the clock by 50 points in 30 seconds. Physical therapy tests were done on the first day of my training. I do a lot of crunch and setup, but my running is very slow. I can easily record despite the fact that I have to be overweight for my size. I failed the PT test on the 2 mile section. But, strangely enough, a non-commissioned officer in my unit called me and asked me to sign the council statement. When I left, I forgot, which was my fault. I called my manager (team leader) but he said it was never mentioned. He also told me that if I failed, it would not be so much in split mode. I was not even allowed to escape because my first sergeant had said I was separated. I really wanted a straight answer because none of my other friends had taken the Pt test. What happens if I fail? Thank you very much. I really wanted to stay on the reservation, but I'd like them to take it more seriously. I met big people.

50 points is not the minimum standard. For APFT, you must earn 60 in each event. Basic allows you to finish with only 50 points in each test. This is not an APFT ping.

What you are saying is that you are not in good condition and have improved a little, but you are still not in good condition.

If you get stuck it means you are above the height / weight standard. You are on your way to a military career, very SRT.

You have not completed your basic training (basic and AIT), so you are not a non-operational MOS and you are not eligible. They are not very useful for the device. They may allow you to qualify, but it doesn't matter if it's because of the unit.

Your device will force you to take APFT. If no one else beats you, you will be better off. This will be the diagnosis. They will not kick you out if you do not complete the AIT. If you go to AIT, you will get APFT. Otherwise, you will have corrective physical therapy during TIA. You will receive another APFT before graduation. Failure to do so will mean that in the 60 Points event, you will not receive the AIT title and will be excluded from the Army Reserve. You will only return to your backup drive to restore your belongings. Your union has nothing to do with your separation. The standard for obtaining AIT degree is P APFT.

Get up from the couch. Run every day. Crunch and set up daily. Forget the weight. This is not your problem. Don't try to bite.

Nine-finger poem: This is a deer. Bet on the Twas the ht Be Christmas click.

It's christmas

And when using nines

All creatures move

For this flea

Suspicious animals

There is a good reason for all this.

Your throwing, nine fingers

Breaking all kinds of rules

Nine of them were photographed together in the nest.

Everyone is hot in your straw.

The nine will crawl into the warehouse.

In your dark way

When he is in his field.

Sounds like a click.

He shook his head

To see what the problem is.

Away from the warehouse door

Running like lightning

Through your garbage-filled garden

And all kinds of garbage

The moon shines

A little bit of it

Is on the rise

To give it a curve

w Blurring is a new eye.

Because of you

I can't do that

All deer

So keep it

The deer is fast!

There is a lesson ahead

It's weak!

It's each deer's turn.

Stand in line

To learn a lesson in G. To confess


The deer are approaching.

At nine o'clock they will win.

All nominees

To date with colorful socks

Rusty, in silver!

In red and gray!

About Crimson and Brownie!

Irregularities can be paid!

The deer kills the sheep.

In a very safe time

Falling snow

A nine lies

The sheep hit Nain in the face.

Wrapped in snow

Must have

He is always trolled

Now the story is clear.

Compared to the spoken version

Because it's easy

Nine o'clock

Deer stop nine

Beaten and trolled

What do you expect?

This is pure comedy gold!

Nine fingers failed

It's as transparent as gl.

Because you can't win

With thumb

And I heard the deer say

While they are hidden.

It's easy again

Not too bright

If you do not, you will not be sent to AIT or you will start with booking.

You're one of those people who doesn't take it seriously. Get to work, lose weight, get in shape.

It's a chore, you have to get in shape and pass a fitness test at any time.

Split Ops Army