Definition of Split-off:

  1. When a piece of a company is sold off, the stock is converted into shares of the new company.

  2. In a split-off, the parent company offers shareholders the option to keep their current shares or exchange them for shares of the divesting company. Shares outstanding are not proportioned on a pro rata basis like in other divestitures. In some split-offs, the parent company may choose to offer a premium for the exchange of shares to promote interest in shares of the new company.

  3. A split-off is a corporate reorganization method in which a parent company divests a business unit using specific structured terms. There can be several methods for structuring a divestiture. Split-offs, spinoffs, and carveouts are a few options, each with its own structuring.

How to use Split-off in a sentence?

  1. Split-offs are motivated by the desire to create greater value for shareholders through the shedding of assets and offering of a new, separate company.
  2. Split-offs are a method that can be used for a corporate divestiture.
  3. Split-offs do not mandate a proportioned pro rata share distribution but rather offer shareholders the option to exchange shares.

Meaning of Split-off & Split-off Definition


Split-off Definition:

  1. A type of corporate acquisition in which the shares of a new company (or subsidiary) are distributed to the original shareholders (or parent company) and those shareholders transfer a portion of their shares to the original company (or parent company). ۔

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