Split Limits

Split Limits,

Split Limits means,

  1. Many auto insurance companies use a distribution approach, combining an individual completion and event-based approach. With distribution limits, three separate dollar charges apply to each failure.

    • The first limit is the per capita limit - the maximum amount paid to an injured person.
    • The second limit is the limit of each incident - the maximum amount is paid to all injured.
    • The third limit is the incident limit, which applies to property damage claims. The insurer will pay the maximum amount of damage to the car or other property as a result of the accident.
  2. Like motor vehicle insurance, where a separate amount applies instead of the amount of accident liability for personal injury and property damage.

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Meanings of Limits:
  1. Set a limit or serve it.

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Sentences of Limits
  1. Failure to show the limits of British power

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Synonyms of Limits

check, keep within bounds, peg, curb, cap, restrain, place a limit on, hold in check, hold, upper limit, maximum, ceiling, limitation, freeze, put a brake on, restrict