Spinach In Tagalog

Spinach In Tagalog

What is Filipino for spinach? 3

Spinach is aloe vera in Tagalog. Another word for spinach is espia (from Spanish).

Edit: Albati (also called Malabar Spinach) is considered equivalent to Spinach, which belongs to Southwest Asia (Western Spinach). However, nominally it belongs to the Basellaceae family, not the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae).

Some local speakers often call Palak a spy.

In fact, there is no specific word for spinach in the Philippine language because it is not a native plant species. There is another type called spinach in English (like kong kong or spinach / cabbage). Arubati is very different from what Westerners call spinach.

The word computer is similar to the word computer in the Filipino language. Western spinach is called spinach in the Philippines.

Lol .. Sorry, nothing in the Philippines calls Palak a spy. Go to any wet / US / supermarket and all sellers / labels will tell you that Espia Spinach is an old Spanish term and is no longer used. I live in the Philippines.

The skin or urea is spinach, very different from spinach.

Philippine Spinach

Spinach In Tagalog

Spinach In Tagalog

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Spinach has CULITIS in Tagalog.

Spinach is aloe vera in TAGALOGIC in ILOCANO KUBAY

Kong Kong is also black.

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Spinach In Tagalog