Spider That Looks Like A Tick

Spider That Looks Like A Tick

Do spiders look like fleas? ۔

I saw this creature crawling on my sofa and didn't think much about it until I saw it crawling on my wall, it looked at me. Water and destroy. It's hard to destroy, so I don't think it's tick. He had a belly / tracks (E) so I could only see 6 feet but I'm sure he was 8. It made me look hairy. I thought it was a warehouse spider and my grandson, who wrote it all, thought it was a strange mixture of tarantulas and jumping spiders. What do you think and what do you think is the danger?

Well, you're not in danger, but if you can't tell the spider beetle, you can't really explain it.

Spiders and ticks have 8 legs, but ticks have only one class.

The warehouse spider is a clear spider and is considered to be much larger than a tick.

Many jumping spiders look like little tarantulas because of their sticky legs and generally cute shape.

Wood lice (dog fleas)

Spider That Looks Like A Tick