Definition of Spend:

  1. Use resources such as B-Time. He will spend the next week looking for a new job.

  2. Pay (cash) by purchasing or renting goods or services.

  3. Amount paid for a specific purpose or for a specific period.

  4. Usually pay for goods or services. See also consumer purchases.

Synonyms of Spend

Run up against, Occupy, Eat up, Dish out, Hand out, Drop, Give, Run, Eat, Blow, Finish, Taste, Have, Throw away, Wear away, Splurge, Mind the store, Drain of resources, Cost, Pay, Fritter away, Lavish, Go through, Outlay, Consume, Bleed white, Swallow up, Erode, Labor under, Waster, Sustain, Profligate, Use up, Engage, While, Allot, Squander, Contribute, Attend to business, Wastrel, Bestow, Digest, Disburse, Prodigal, Suck dry, Know, Gobble, Drain, Pass, Gobble up, Endure, Pass the time, Give over to, Waste, Exhaust, Deplete, Employ, Impoverish, Wastethrift, Budget, Put out, Burn up, Assimilate, Be exposed to, Meet up with, Ablate, Shell out, Meet with, Undergo, Pay out, Lay out, Invest, Consecrate to, Lose, Be subjected to, Encounter, Absorb, Devote, Assign, Stand under, Incur costs, Expend, Sink money in, Feel, Meet, Cost out, Waste away, Dissipate, While away, Wile, Finish off, Spend the time, Schedule, Put in, Busy, Dedicate to, Pass through, Experience, Go, Give to, Ingest, Spill, Squanderer, Run through, Spender, Suffer, Open the purse, Throw money around, Swallow, Fork out

How to use Spend in a sentence?

  1. The company spent 000 100,000 on hardware and software.

Meaning of Spend & Spend Definition

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