Speedy Trial

Speedy Trial,

How To Define Speedy Trial?

  1. The law states that the accused should be tried within 180 days.

Literal Meanings of Speedy Trial


Meanings of Speedy:
  1. Exit or exit quickly.

  2. To move faster.

Sentences of Speedy
  1. Immediate healing

Synonyms of Speedy

quick, swift, sharp, express, prompt, immediate, expeditious, rapid, fast-moving, brisk, fast, high-speed, unhesitating


Meanings of Trial:
  1. Try something (especially a new product) to evaluate its suitability or performance.

  2. (Horse, dog or other animal) Participate in the event.

  3. A formal review of evidence before a judge and usually a jury to determine a crime in a criminal or civil case.

  4. Testing someone's performance, qualities or abilities or something else.

  5. A person, object, or situation that tests a person's tolerance.

Sentences of Trial
  1. All seeds are carefully tested in different growing conditions.

  2. The dog was tested on Saturday

  3. Daily study report

  4. Clinical Trials Whether a new hip replacement works.

Synonyms of Trial

worry, lawsuit, thorn in one's flesh, source of annoyance, carry out trials on, source of irritation, experiment, pest, test, tribunal, plague, try out, case, put through its paces, pilot study, put to the test, court case, problem, one's cross to bear, try-out, the bane of one's life, inconvenience