Definition of Speculate:

  1. Invest in stocks, real estate or other companies that hope to win but risk losing

  2. Form a theory or guess the subject without solid evidence.

  3. General: Usually makes little or no statistical estimates. Also, talk about what can or could happen without enough evidence to predict the outcome of reality. Although not all votes have been cast and the winner will be announced soon, political analysts are still speculating on who they think will be the next president.

  4. Finance: Enjoy speculation.

Synonyms of Speculate

Sink, Chew the cud, Hypothesize, Tell fortunes, Digest, Read tea leaves, Form theories, Entertain a theory, Risk, Prophesy, Buy into, Forecast, Deliberate, Hold on, Bucket, Cut the cards, Play the ponies, Consider, Match coins, Scoop the market, Toss, Postulate, Wonder about, Muse, Make guesses, Espouse a theory, Invest, Draw straws, Sport, Cerebrate, Game, Review, Sink money in, Reflect, Belong, Take a risk, Take a chance, Plow back into, Make a prediction, Go long, Cast lots, Play around with, Excogitate, Scalp, Make a prognosis, Soothsay, Deposit margin, Theorize, Play at dice, Stag the market, Operate, Ponder, Gamble, Read the future, Call, Bucketshop, Pyramid, Gamble, Study, Hariolate, Postulate, Lay out money, Overstay the market, Take a venture, Financier, Have a theory, Divine, Mull over, Toy with, Cut lots, Make a scoop, Read palms, Play the market, Put, Make a prophecy, Vaticinate, Wager, Dope, Judge, Meditate, Make suppositions, Cogitate, Theorize, Brood, Plunge, Play, Ruminate, Perpend, Tell the future, Shoot craps, Trade on margin, Hypothesize, Play with, Presage, Reinvest, Cast a nativity, Take a flier, Take a chance, Surmise, Raffle off, Fortune-tell, Make a killing, Guess, Conjecture, Place, Reason, Debate, Draw lots, Miss the market, Foresee, Be short, Introspect, Make an investment, Cast a horoscope, Margin up, Venture, Dowse for water, Chew over, Predict, Prefigure, Evaluate, Dope out, Invest in, Prognosticate, Be caught short, Contemplate, Wager, Buy in, Ponder over, Forebode, Stag, Be abstracted, Guess, Venture, Foretell, Lot, Weigh

How to use Speculate in a sentence?

  1. My colleagues speculate about my personal life.
  2. It doesn't look like he has the money to speculate on the stock.

Meaning of Speculate & Speculate Definition