Definition of Spectrum:

  1. It is used to classify or suggest that an object can be classified on a scale between two extremes or opposites based on its position.

  2. The frequency range of electromagnetic waves. The visible spectrum varies, for example, with wavelengths ranging from about 400 to 700 nanometers.

  3. The rainbow color band depends on the wavelength formed by the separation of the light components by different degrees of wavelength.

Synonyms of Spectrum

Chain reaction, Optical illusion, UHF, Gradation, Frequency spectrum, Series, Spectrum color, Single file, Firedog, Crazy quilt, Color spectrum, Color circle, Primary color, Tortoise shell, Chameleon, Rotation, Ocelot, Demitint, VHF, Periodicity, Catenation, Cheetah, Drone, Lineage, Monochrome, Munsell scale, Dalmatian, Confetti, Ghost, Descent, Spectral color, HF, Half tint, Tier, Spirit, Course, Candy cane, Color mixture curve, Chromatic circle, Nexus, Cycle, Consecution, Hum, Chromatic spectrum, Peacock, SHF, MF, Endless belt, Spook, Solar spectrum, Opal, Color cycle, Phantasm, Register, Buzz, Sweep, Chaining, Zebra, Rainbow, Diapason, String, Audio frequency, Round, Metamer, Secondary color, Pendulum, Articulation, CPS, Stretch, File, Tertiary, Color solid, Nacre, Chain, Gamut, VLF, Serpentine, Line, Connection, Ultrahigh frequency, Megahertz, Shade, Indian file, Marbled paper, Color triangle, Row, Marble, Primary, Routine, Serpentine marble, Trick of eyesight, Color system, Superhigh frequency, Frequency, Extremely high frequency, Bank, Color index, Windrow, Mackerel sky, Hue cycle, Sequence, Intermediate frequency, Very high frequency, Spark frequency, Butterfly, Concatenation, Fundamental colors, Kilohertz, Radius, Medium frequency, Rank, Haunt, Complementary color, Very low frequency, Radio frequency, Range, Succession, Leopard, Low frequency, Progression, Pure color, Reticulation, Patchwork quilt, Secondary, Upper frequencies, Reach, Queue, Swath, Megacycles, Train, Antigorite, Tertiary color, Recurrence, Hertz, Lower frequencies, Revenant, Array, Maxwell triangle, Monotone, Cycles, Powder train, Kilocycles, Run, Bogey, Endless round, Filiation, Shot silk, Chromaticity diagram, Ophite, Chrysotile, AF, EHF, Halftone, Carry, Ocular spectrum, High frequency, Afterimage, Scope, Harlequin, Carrier frequency, Thread, Full color, Continuum, Compass, Eidolon, Scale, Plenum, Jaguar, Mother-of-pearl, Iris, Catena, Hz, Mackerel, RF, Moire

How to use Spectrum in a sentence?

  1. However, if you look at a paradigm, the light is divided into a particular range of colors, each with a different wavelength.
  2. Left or right political spectrum.

Meaning of Spectrum & Spectrum Definition

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